Scientists Baffled as 70 Whales Wash-Up Dead on US Coast

Why would we be surprised any more at our wildlife dying? The planet is so ‘sustainably’ polluted it’s a miracle anything that breathes manages to live on it now

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Scientists baffled as 70 dead whales wash-up on U.S. coastlines

The number of dead whales washed up along the United States’ west is the highest number on record since 2000.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Fisheries, the stranding of over 70 gray whales this year is considered to be an “unusual mortality event.” reports: The Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA) defines an ‘Unusual Mortality Event’ as involving a significant die-off, which demands an immediate response.

The number of grey whale strandings for 2019 is the highest number on record since 2000 – a year which saw over 100 whales wash up on US coastlines.

There has been some indication from scientists climate change could have played a part in the deaths.

Sue Moore, an oceanographer at the University of Washington, told Reuters: “The Arctic is changing very, very quickly, and the whales are going to have to adjust to that.”

Scientists have suggested a possible…

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3 thoughts on “Scientists Baffled as 70 Whales Wash-Up Dead on US Coast”

  1. BS it was climate change, whales don’t die when the season changes.
    Probably dead from a Military Navy exercise (ultrasonic pulses or some other hideous war games ).And of course they are skinny when man is over fishing the oceans (then wasting the fish).

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  2. “Scientists”; is such a broad group of people, the majority might just be baffled.
    Climate change is not the problem.

    ***the truth shall set you free***


    1. Or if not baffled, silenced. They have quite a high death rate I’ve heard, in mysterious circumstances.
      Bit like the natural holistic doctors.


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