The truth behind the Safe Schools program (Part 2)

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Ministry of Sexualisation: Part 2

Online videos show 11-year-old Desmond Napoles dancing on stage in a bar while grown men throw money at him neonnettle

After introducing you to part one yesterday, the investigative series continues.

Schools should be a safe place to be, but for the majority, they will soon become unsafe. Safe Schools has landed in New Zealand, with the blessing of the Ministry of Education.

[…] No other special interest group is granted such privileges.
We don?t devote entire lessons to the visually impaired, create ‘blind pride’ days, or include blind heroes in every class. We don?t demand teachers police blind-phobic language, or that they wear braille name-tags.

Perhaps we should. It would give a far more positive school environment than constantly bringing sex to the forefront of children’s minds.
This is the essence of what the Rainbow movement is about.

The entire culture and worldview is centred around who a person wants to have sex with.

Perhaps we should just let kids be kids.

I recently wrote a four-part series of articles exposing the hidden aspects of the Secondary School program Mates&Dates. The program uses innocuous sounding words such as ?gender stereotypes?.

‘Gender Stereotypes’ classes are not teaching kids that it’s okay for girls to like rugby and boys to like cooking. They are teaching a redefined meaning of gender.


This is disturbing. I see the agenda popping up in NZ now, the latest being the anti bullying day May 17th wherein every child had to wear something pink. So the real agenda is parading as anti-bullying in some parts of the planet. Here is a US blog also speaking to this issue. Australia’s ‘You’re Teaching Our Children What?’ site is pretty comprehensive on the topic. They also have a Facebook page if you are interested. And no we are not anti gay people, we are pro transparency! Gary Dowsett referred to in the article alludes to ‘inter-generational love’ (aka pedophilia). Note how they re frame everything?

Nobody wants bullying & I’m sure that stamping it out in our schools could be achieved without the requirement of children wearing pink. If pushing gender reassignment is the goal they should be up front and saying so, not cloaking it in other terms. Thereby parents would have a choice to opt their children out. I won’t pontificate further, please just read & decide for yourself. Or perhaps if you haven’t already, get yourself down to your child’s school and ask to see the full ‘safe schools’ curriculum. EWR.


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