A NZ heli-hunter of 47 years has observed that none of the once-prolific pre-1080-drop Kea are left in Hollyford & Clinton Vllys Fiordland

Note: Remember the convoy of Nature Conservancy’s international bankers that flew over Fiordland some time back? Where are they? We were told they were about recovering our Kākāpō and Takahē. EWR

“It is very disturbing to see this, as Kea were numerous in these catchments prior to the intensive poison drops in the Hollyford and Clinton catchments” … Dick Deaker

By Carol Sawyer

Heli-hunter Dick Deaker has written today:

“I got 14 deer yesterday morning, most in the Clinton Valley. We never saw a Kea!! And as you can see the gut bags ​from the deer we​ shot there 3 weeks ago are untouched! It is very disturbing to see this, as Kea were numerous in these catchments prior to the intensive poison drops in the Hollyford and Clinton catchments. And they are about to do them all again in the next couple of months!!!!”

Dick says none of the gut bags they have left in the last five years in the Clinton Valley have been touched since the poisonings started, and none in the Hollyford either since the first aerial 1080 drop there 20 months ago

Dick has been a helihunter in Fiordland for 47 years.


Photo by Dick Deaker of untouched deer gut bags in the Clinton. The white is the fat, which Kea love. As you can see, it is all still there.


End note: The Kea, endemic to NZ, (i.e. not found elsewhere), is the world’s only truly Alpine parrot. It is omnivorous and eats a wide range of plant and animal matter, loving to scavenge carcasses. Consequently it is doubly at risk from aerial 1080 poisoning, eating the sweet 1080 poison cereal-baits and also scavenging on the poisoned carcasses, which causes secondary poisoning.

NOTE: If you are pro poisoning of the environment, EnvirowatchRangitikei is not really the forum to espouse your opinions.  Mainstream, where those views are already the status quo would be the place to air those. Nearly 70% of DoC’s studies justifying the use of 1080 poison were conducted in-house. This is a venue reserved for sharing the independent science that you won’t of course find there. To the public – feel free to read both & make up your own minds.


If you are new to the 1080 poisoning program, here is a good article to start with: WHY ARE PEOPLE SO CONCERNED ABOUT 1080? A must watch also is Poisoning Paradise, the doco made by the GrafBoys (banned from screening on NZ TV, yet a 4x international award winner). Their website is tv-wild.com. Their doco is a very comprehensive overview with the independent science to illustrate the question marks that remain over the use of this poison. There are links also on our 1080 resources page to most of the groups, pages, sites etc that will provide you with further information.

Check out the 1080 pages at the main menu, particularly the sub tab, ‘suspected 1080 poisoning cases’. Finally, remember what the retired MD Charlie Baycroft said recently …‘if you die from 1080 poisoning, nobody will know  because the Ministry of Health is bullying NZ Doctors into not testing for 1080′. 


7 thoughts on “A NZ heli-hunter of 47 years has observed that none of the once-prolific pre-1080-drop Kea are left in Hollyford & Clinton Vllys Fiordland”

  1. This “Get Rich” scheme of DOC’s Using 1080 Poison is costing us all our Native species, Not just the Kea”

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  2. Commenting on it won’t stop it. We need action, possibly at election time. We will never be free of “so called ” predators and there are too many that swallow the government propaganda.
    I’d like to be rid of introduced birds Thrushes, Starlings, Sparrows, Blackbirds, Mynahs etc that decimate my attempts to grow vegetables.lol

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    1. Commenting & sharing information is important also. How else do people know/find out? Many who are able are acting, witness the many efforts, in court, in protest, in writing to to govt, making submissions. I see a whole lot of work going on by dedicated environmentalists who sacrifice both time & money. As to introduced species, the govt’s unrealistic goal is driven by agreements signed up to by previous govts. They are of course not making this known in their frenzy to kill non natives … you can read about that at this link … https://envirowatchrangitikei.wordpress.com/2018/10/02/who-is-really-driving-pest-free-nz-pfnz-what-you-arent-being-told/ And would we really want to be rid of the sparrows & friends? Not me anyway. 🙂 Nevertheless there is now plenty of evidence tells us they are disappearing, including sparrows. 10K bird by kill in one SI 1080 drop we reported not long ago. And the forests are falling silent. Not a good look at all.


  3. I posted a similar article about a week ago detailing the lack of Kea in the Hollyford valley and a friend who runs the track regularly .. at least a couple of times a month – commented that he sees Kea in there regularly. I didn’t know how to respond as I don’t live in that area and only go by what others tell me. I did say maybe they were near the tracks as that is where silly people feed them and maybe there are less deeper in the valleys where the hunters go. But I don’t really have a clue.

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    1. Perhaps the runner you speak of could take his camera & capture images of them Stephanie. Silly people may well feed them however they are clearly also being fed 1080 pellets by silly DoC who suffer under the delusion that 1080 targets pests only. It does not & cannot. As Dr Meriel Watts (& other independent scientists have informed us) 1080 kills everything that breathes including humans.


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