Surveillance Capitalism

Desultory Heroics

By John Bucher

Source: Adbusters

The alarm beside your bed rings, triggered by an event in your calendar. The smart thermostat in your bedroom senses your motion and turns on the hot water, reporting your movements to a central database at the same time.

News and social updates ping your phone, with your decision whether to click them carefully monitored (and parameters adjusted accordingly). How far and where your morning run takes you, the conditions of your commute, the contents of your text messages, the words your smart speaker overhears, the actions you make under all-seeing cameras, your impulse purchases, your online searches (and selections) of dates and mates – all recorded, rendered as data, uploaded to the cloud, processed, and analyzed. This happens so often and so extensively that we become numb, forgetting that this is not some dystopian imagining of the future. It’s the present.

Welcome to surveillance…

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One thought on “Surveillance Capitalism”

  1. Only its not capitalism its an economic bankster monopoly they like to call trickle down “capitalism”.
    Its more like a tyrannical extremist fanatical dictatorship.

    All the more reason with the technology in the service of madness to switch off all the devises that make you less human being and just a robot. or at least use it mindfully take time off it and don’t let it use you.


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