FDA Study Finds Link Between Diabetes Drugs & ‘Flesh-Eating’ Genital Infection

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A new study by US Food and Drug Administration scientists has found a link to some of the newer diabetes drugs to a “flesh-eating” genital disease.

The FDA announced that SGLT2 inhibitors are linked to a rare but life-threatening bacterial infection.

The infection can spread rapidly killing skin tissue as it grows

RT reports: Symptoms of the disease known as ‘Fournier gangrene’ include pain, redness and a foul odor in the genital area. Alarmingly, the infection starts by attacking your genital or anal region, but can also spread rapidly and kill other body tissue along the way.

The rare infection concerns people taking a newer class of diabetes medications known as SGLT2 inhibitors, according to FDA scientists who recently published their findings on the issue.

The drugs were introduced to the market in March 2013 and, as of January 2019, have been linked to 55 people with Fournier gangrene, all…

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