Got Milk from 100% Organic Grass-Fed Cows? It’s Healthier for You!

Next time you pour that frosty glass of milk for your loved one, consider just what you are actually serving forth. When it comes to milk, not all glasses are created equal. According to a new study, researchers found that cows that are fed essentially a 100% organic grass and legume-based diet produce milk with significantly more omega-3 and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) fatty acids.

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2 thoughts on “Got Milk from 100% Organic Grass-Fed Cows? It’s Healthier for You!”

  1. I was brought up with milking cows, we could drink it straight from the bucket, then the town got a milkman who dropped milk off at the gate, now that was milk, “compared to the cow”. But I tell you this, milk from the VAT is just as good, especially now that the milk has to meet curtain standards before it can be off loaded to the tankers. That’s how I get my milk now.. The milk vending machines are great as well but pasteurized.

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    1. Hi Jace. Yep I remember the milk delivery days! Our truck had a moo sounding horn too. I also remember going to the dairy with a billy for the raw milk from the big can. I have been drinking organic raw cows milk straight from the farm gate for over 10 years now. So healthy, & people with allergies can drink it whereas not pasteurized & treated. Tells me something about what they do to it between the cow & our fridge. They have strict regulations with the raw organic but unfortunately they’re getting so strict its no longer viable for many farmers. I think tbh that’s a ploy by the industries to get them out of the competition.


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