A 6-month old child dies 36 hours after 6 vaccines, pathologist ‘cannot find’ cause of death & is unwilling to test for possible vaccine impact

Are Western Doctors Compelled To Support The Vaccine Industry?

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A 6-month old child died a day and a half after receiving her scheduled 6 vaccines, and her mother is outraged that the pathologist cannot find the cause of death but is unwilling to do tests to determine the possible impact of the vaccines.

Are most doctors put into a corner when a child they have just given vaccines to gets injured or dies? Would they feel free to say they suspect that the vaccines are the cause even if they believed it to be true?

If we take a broad overview of the structure of conventional medicine in our Western societies, we are left with an inescapable conclusion: it is set up as a business, where profit is most highly valued and human health and safety is secondary. The evidence for this is overwhelming and is discussed in greater detail in many of our articles on the subject listed at the end of this article.

This is absolutely not to say that there are not loving, upstanding people who are doctors, researchers, or otherwise as part of the Western medical establishment. Not at all. I believe most of them are. However, when it comes specifically to the family doctors and pediatricians who are trusted by their patients to make recommendations for their patients’ health and well-being, there is a limit to how far they can push the boundaries of the highly controlled business structure they find themselves in.

This is probably most obvious when it comes to vaccines. I don’t think any doctor could tell me straight-faced that if they decided that vaccines were not safe for their patients, and they were openly vocal about it in public, that there wouldn’t be pushback from their industry, including intimidation and threats of losing their medical license. And so, unfortunately, there is a built-in bias from the start, and doctors know that going down the path of truly doing their own independent research into the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, in order to make an informed decision about what they will recommend to their patients, will either be a lot of work for nothing or will end up with them having to fight against their powerful establishment and risk losing their livelihood.


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  1. Sometimes I feel that people are just crazy and have not got a rational bone in their body. And then I come across an old friend that helps me out. And then I go to visit my Doctor who try’s to sell me stuff I don’t want, or possibly not even need. The poor guy, my opinion, is between a rock and hard place. Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t! The government is on the side of the pushers, and the Doctor is trying to do the best he can to help people. If over half of his income comes from the government in the form of subsidies you are, as a Doctor, left with very little options. In the process the Doctors have forgotten the oath they took. What a sad refrain.

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    1. It is hard for them, still many have stood up & been counted. Dr Andrew Wakefield would be one & there’s so many more. Some of them end up with a bullet or similar of course. Tough call. It needs for all of them to stand up.


  2. About 96% Drs in NZ are corrupt (and will lie to and will harm) patients to protect their lively-hood they are all have to be licensed and registered with State . They could all get together and strike but they do this only for wages and contract conditions.
    If all of them did whats right ( not what they are told by govts DHB/ACC/MOH) they wouldn’t be corrupted and our medical system would not be as dysfunctional as it is.
    Sad that its us( taxpayers) that pay the Drs and yet they are loyal to Govt as it has firing power and media control.
    I don’t trust any of them from experience ( probably only 4 Drs that you could trust in NZ and ones retired).

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  3. I saw an article that was written recently in Africa by Doctors testing the drugs. They found 9 out of 10 contained drugs to reduce the Human population

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