Monsanto Papers

The Most Revolutionary Act

The Monsanto Papers: The Secret Tactics Monsanto Used to Protect Roundup – Its Star Product

Four Corners (ABC) 2018

Film Review

This is an Australian documentary about a long history of deceptive tactics by Monsanto to conceal the link between the herbicide Roundup and non-Hodgkins lymphoma – known in Australian medical circles as farmer’s lymphoma.

The film centers around Dwayne Johnson’s $289 million award in a California lawsuit against Monsanto. Johnson was a groundskeeper who developed aggressive (and fatal) non-Hodgkins lymphoma after two years of routine spraying with Roundup. Legal analysts believe his victory stemmed mainly from secret documents the court ordered Monsanto to release. They reveal that Monsanto knew that Roundup was potentially carcinogenic and did everything possible to cover it up.

In her book Whitewash, investigative journalist Carey Gillam documents two instances in the 80’s and 90’s in which labs Monsanto used were caught falsifying data about…

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  1. I watched a Documentary on Al Jzeera Television about “How the Poison Companies always affiliate themselves with Govt. members, The program was about the number of years it took to stop Poisoning Mexico & USA, Many people died before 1080 & other poisons were banned, Pity they didn’t look into the Corruption going on here in NZ, The Govt. here is Spreading Deadly 1080 poison “like there is no tomorrow”, all for the sake of Corporate profits.? While people are suffering from “Cancer & Motor Neuron disease”.

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