Trump EPA Sides With Bayer/Monsanto, Claims Cancer-Causing Weedkiller ‘Safe’

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By Alex Formuzis, Natural Blaze

The Environmental Protection Agency said today the active ingredient in Bayer-Monsanto’s carcinogenic weedkiller Roundup is safe, ignoring a growing body of independent research showing a strong connection between glyphosate and cancer in humans.

“Today’s decision by Administrator Wheeler, like virtually every one he and the Trump administration make, completely ignores science in favor of polluters like Bayer,” said EWG President Ken Cook. “This move by EPA should not come as a surprise. Under the control of Trump and Wheeler, the agency is virtually incapable of taking steps to protect people from dangerous chemicals like glyphosate.”

A report published in January in the Environmental Sciences Europe documented how the EPA ignored a large number of independent, peer-reviewed studies that link glyphosate to cancer in humans. Instead, the report found, the EPA used research paid for by Monsanto to support the agency’s position that glyphosate is not…

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  1. Poison Companies always Bribe Governments, I saw it on Al Jazeera News that it took many years to have 1080 Banned in USA because of Corrupt politicians & Huge payouts to keep the poison flowing, It is happening Right here in New Zealand

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