1080 to be used by Aussie govt to kill 2 million feral cats using aerially dropped 1080-laced sausages

Note: as somebody has pointed out already, this poisoning by 1080 is already happening in Australia. However the ‘new’ in the event is the aerial distribution. They’ve taken a note out of NZ’s shameful practice by the looks. How can anybody in their right mind assume that aerially dropping a class 1A Ecotoxin that kills everything that breathes into an environment is only going to kill what the distributor thinks in his/her head only? Like a magic wand? This is fairyland thinking. In NZ one drop alone is estimated to have killed 10,00 birds! Another, close to 600 sheep! Another, over 300 deer!   Another, 77% of native species, Kea! This is not conservation! Please wake up people!
The deadly poison 1080 kills everything.
So, is it sounding familiar?
‘Threatened species’?
Joining dots anybody?
Remember the article we posted by Jenese James? This is a must read to make sense of all this. The plan to eliminate all non native species is global but they aren’t exactly telling us that. They are simply saying they want to eliminate predators & pests. Not all non native species.
And we in NZ know already that 1080 doesn’t and indeed can’t target pests.
And sausages? Kids, pet animals, you name it will be picking these up & tasting them. Pellets are bad enough but tasty looking food?
This clearly has not been researched by the authorities. They even claim that the death will be quick (see links in article) which is absolutely untrue. A vet has deemed death by 1080 as akin to two days of electrocution.
This would all ring a little truer if we could see similar concern by the various authorities for the dwindling species we already have. DoC in NZ have seen the Kea close to extinction. Our insect populations have plummeted but do we see any urgent rush to desist from the widespread use of poisons & pesticides in the environment, known to be killing them? No we don’t & we won’t be any time soon knowing the massive profits they generate.
I am very suspicious at this extermination of feral cats. Cull them, sure, but with aerial drops that are not selective in what they kill? And with the cruel poison 1080.
If you are unsure about 1080 watch Poisoning Paradise & read ‘Why are People So Concerned About 1080?’


The Australian government wants to kill two million feral cats by next year — and it wants to do it by airdropping poisonous sausages. There are currently an estimated 2 to 6 million free-roaming cats across the country, and officials say they are threatening native wildlife populations.According to the Australian government, the goal is to “reduce the impact of feral predators and increase the resilience of our native species,” because cats “damage the productivity of Australia’s farming sector.” The government wants to kill two million wild cats by 2020, which it says are a major contributor to the extinction of at least 27 mammals since their introduction to the country by Europeans, possibly in the 1700s.
Part of the plan to cull the rising cat population is to bait the cats with lethal sausages made of kangaroo meat, chicken fat, herbs, spices and a poison called 1080, which is deadly to animals, according to the New York Times. The sausages are dropped from airplanes into areas with high stray cat populations. The cats allegedly die within 15 minutes of consuming the sausage.”They’ve got to taste good,” Shane Morse told the NYT. “They are the cat’s last meal.” PETA Australia calls the poisonous sausages “horrifically cruel”Along with baiting, the government is also trapping and shooting cats, in some cases. “The scientific evidence is unequivocal that feral cats are one of the greatest threats to Australia’s land-based mammals,” the government said in its “Threatened Species Strategy” plan

Some parts of Australia are taking the issue a step further, offering rewards for slain cats. The state of Queensland is offering $10 AUS ($7 USD) per feral cat scalp. PETA and other organizations condemned the policies when they were announced, but Australian officials have supported them.

The plan initially received intense backlash when it was first announced in 2015. But now, even PETA Australia “in principle recognized that feral cats hunted wildlife to a point at which species can no longer survive,” according to the NYT.




For further articles on 1080 use the ‘categories’ drop down box at the left of the news page. Check out the 1080 pages at the main menu, particularly the sub tab, ‘suspected 1080 poisoning cases’. Educate yourself on the risks & protect yourselves. Don’t ever touch the baits.

Finally, remember what the retired NZ MD Charlie Baycroft said recently …‘if you die from 1080 poisoning, nobody will know  because the Ministry of Health is bullying NZ Doctors into not testing for 1080′.


13 thoughts on “1080 to be used by Aussie govt to kill 2 million feral cats using aerially dropped 1080-laced sausages”

  1. There must be corruption & money involved, They are going to kill all the Birds of prey, Dingoes & insects along with the Native Possums, (If what DOC says is true) possums eat meat. What a pack of Barstards.

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  2. It’s not new, theve been doing it since last July at least. I am dead against using 1080 in New Zealand. The link is to an interesting article wich took me 20 mins to read. It was so well written it convinced me that some control is necessary, but i don’t think sausages are the way to go.

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    1. Yes, thank you, I saw that article & read much of it. I did note that yes is already in use but using the ground method, stations etc so the new is aerial. Very very risky. As also here however it’s become so widespread it’s now the norm for the unenlightened. Even to the dropping into the waterways. On its cruelty alone this poison should not be used at all in my opinion. Two days in agonizing death throes. It is insane.


  3. Disgusting! As a vet I have seen animals die from 1080 poisoning. It is brutal, painful and inhumane. No animal should suffer this form of torture.

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  4. You could have TNR!!!
    Should done that years ago.
    Karma will be upon all involved!!
    Hear Hell is really hot!!
    How dare anyone put a price tag on one of gods creatures!

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    1. I’m sitting here just trying to imagine what type of group of people could come up with such an evil plan. This literally takes a sick, cruel mind. Is this a board room full of serial killers or what? And we’re not talking evil here, we’re talking dangerous to the very environment you ignorantly claim to be trying to save! Years ago you should have implemented a simple TNR plan, but instead you come up with this idiocy. And hanging dead cats from trees? Yes please explain in who’s delusional mind that’s right. Explain it to a child who has been taught to love a cat as myself and other SANE people do.

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      1. Yes it’s evil alright Judy. And yes they are even indoctrinating our kids to the idea it is good. In NZ they celebrate kids killing animals. I see it is taking off in Australia as well.


  5. Damm these governments for this evil corruption of issuing the killing if any animal with 1080 . Will be Voting next week against any rotten government who thinks culling animals in this horrific way is ok. These governments and organizations are plain inhumane cruel killers to think killing with such inhumane velocity of this horrific poison to save another animal is ludicrous. That poison kills every thing. What can be done to stop these lunatic animal killers, l would like to know now.

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