Majority Of Men In US & Europe Will Be Infertile By 2060 – Study

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The majority of men in the US and Europe will be infertile by 2060 according to a disturbing new study by the Hebrew Univeristy in Jerusalem.

Sperm count in men from North America, Europe and Australia is declining so quickly that “most men” in these countries will be infertile by the year 2060, according to disturbing new research from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Sperm count in men from Western countries plunged by 50-60% between 1973 and 2011, according to the new study, with the trend set to continue until men are completely infertile.

Interestingly, the study, which analysed data on the sperm counts of 42,935 men, found no decline in sperm counts in men from Africa, South America, and Asia — parts of the world less dominated by Big Pharma, GMOs and toxic, commercially processed “food.”

Chris Barratt, the Professor of Reproductive Medicine at Dundee University says “Overall, this is a very disturbing report.”

“There has been a longstanding debate among scientists as to whether sperm counts have decreased or not. But what’s different about this study…

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