Americans Are Financially And Mentally Unstable: Crippling Debt Is Linked To Chronic Depression Mac Slavo

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Source: Mac Slavo

Americans have become increasingly dependent on debt while at the same time suffering from record high rates of chronic depression. But they probably have a lot to do with each other – perhaps more than we originally thought.

In 2018, 36% of Americans admitted to losing sleep over money concerns. That number feels low, as 78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck with only a handful of those having any kind of emergency fund in place to protect them from a job loss or recession. And a recent analysis says that people who suffer from mental health issues are three-and-a-half times more likely to be in “problem debt” than those without such conditions, analysis suggests.

This link between poor mental health and poor financial health was even stronger for certain conditions such as bipolar disorder and depression, the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute said, according to…

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4 thoughts on “Americans Are Financially And Mentally Unstable: Crippling Debt Is Linked To Chronic Depression Mac Slavo”

  1. Debt and another stresses on the mind the NZ govt have put young kiwis in a stressed job market
    Americans are just like Kiwis if you think about it there are no Americans that is just a label we use for human beings born on/living on a piece of land.
    We are all connected and as the (Collective unconscious )Hive Mind is quite insane at this time in our history of course mental ” illness” is a hidden epidemic.
    We Kiwis are currently poisoning our self with 1080, Roundup, Vaccines, Fluoride, junk foods and killing animals and the land too for a buck-that is insanity it is not conservation or governance .
    Stress and mental illness is not just an effect from debt burden.Some of the poorest people in the world can laugh and play even with empty bellies and are not mentally ill.
    Its the compulsive worrying, repetitive negative thinking and not being present.
    And as we are connected whatever is going on in America/ Christchurch false flag/France/Shri Lanka etc these telling man made events are all concerns of the whole of Humanity.

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    1. So true Bernard. We are all connected. When I post the many US posts, I’m very mindful of that & post them because I know they are inevitably linked to us in NZ as well. (Praps I should be saying that as I post). Also am mindful that this connection is being driven by globalists, they want us connected for different reasons of course. Pulling down national barriers & our sense of sovereignty.


      1. Yes The UN’s global govt desire is to create, dictate and homogenize information content in humanity’s hive mind. They want a Consensus.

        As it sits governed by the Crown NZ govt( a corporation)We do not have sovereignty .These MPs are the UN’s they swore an oath to it and their agenda is not for the people of NZ nor is it a national agenda.

        Do we need to identify with a named land mass? Be “Kiwis/Americans”
        Should we be a race or religion ? These are all divisive separatist ideas perpetuated by ruling class through education and media.
        Or should we just start identifying with human beings ?

        The same economic monopoly globally at the heart of which is a group of people/banksters with the self given right to create money from debt( and from nothing) to let their ruling govts borrow in the names of people ( taxpayers)

        Land is just land. The concept of naming land and of nationhood ( claiming ownership)was just a mental concept invented by the Crown.

        What I meant is on a deeper level in our essence we are not separate from each other, animals, Gaia and the universe.

        That insanity/mental illness in the US is just as rampant in NZ .Its now normal to be mental, to believe in the govt’s utter lies and the pseudo science and pseudo scientists they use to back them up.

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