Solving homelessness in Auckland – tiny houses & their communities

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Awesome solution to being homeless … the tiny houses with their little communities.
Be aware also though, we are being forced down this track by a corporate elite that has sold off our state homes for decades now … land banking them even … while people sleep in sheds, garages, tents & their cars. We have 43K homeless people & climbing, and this elite have no intention of properly fixing this anomaly … they are complicit in the Agenda 2030 plans to herd us all into the smart (not) cities they have planned. (See our Agenda 21/30 pages).

“Michelle may live in a tiny house, but she moved there to fulfill a big dream” 🏡🙏


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  1. Over 20years I have been building “tiny house’s”, we just called them “bach’s” though.. Now when I see them I just think, “that’s exactly what the “controllers” want. Why just “one” when we can “stack” them like the Chinese do.?
    We just finished building a “house tiny ish” on “mock” wheels to avoid “council regulations”. The inspector was not impressed but knew “we knew” what “guidelines” had to be followed..
    Acre’s of free hold land, rates being the only “cost” for it all, but try build “house’s” on any of it and the “cost” seems “scumbagish” before even building anything. So we had “caravans” for ages. But an older person can’t live like that though, so what can you do.?? Build them “bach’s” “tiny house’s” on wheels to avoid regulation. Do what we Do aye..

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  2. yes I saw a group of tiny houses not too long after the new govt/corp came in … they were like lil army huts. Folk think we’re ungrateful criticizing them but they don’t realize what’s in store. Good on ya Jace. So glad someone’s awake.


  3. I can supply Chinese manufactured container homes from Shanghai. One is located now in Marlborough and can be rented for about $200 per nite for couples wanting a get away retreat with rural and sea view. My point being they are suitable for people prepared to pay decent coin, they will be suitable for those who are homeless. By the way the largest hotel made from shipping containers is in the UK.

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    1. Thank you. What do they cost on average iceav? Can you supply a link to the Marlborough one, or a photo? You could msg me at the contact page.


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