Australia’s 1996 Gun Confiscation Didn’t Work – And it Wouldn’t Work in America

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Within hours of the gunfire falling silent on the campus of Umpqua Community College in Oregon Thursday, President Obama stepped up to a podium and declared that America should follow the path of our Anglosphere cousins to reduce gun violence.

“We know that other countries, in response to one mass shooting, have been able to craft laws that almost eliminate mass shootings,” the president said. “Friends of ours, allies of ours — Great Britain, Australia, countries like ours. So we know there are ways to prevent it.”

“Australia” is Obama’s preferred euphemism for that most cherished of gun-control ideals: mass confiscation of the citizenry’s weapons.

You will notice that the president doesn’t exactly spell out what following Australia’s model would entail. He speaks instead of “commonsense gun-control legislation,” “closing…

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  1. I was living in Australia at the time, and had to hand in two semi-auto .22 rifles. Later, it transpired that the police had lied. Those firearms, which were significantly useful to me on almost a daily basis, were not, in fact, prohibited to someone in my situation.
    One of the stated aims was uniform gun laws across the states. This was thwarted by the state governments. They don’t have much reason to exist, and they hang on to every little licence and approval process, like grim death. (Except water allocation rights, lately…..they caved in with hardly a murmur, and Australian water was promptly floated on the New York futures market…..yes, that implies vast corruption.)
    The Port Arthur psy-op succeeded to a high degree in its purpose in traumatising the Australian people in general, and polarising them, pro- and anti-gun.
    Divide and rule, anyone? In general, shooting became permanently less acceptable.
    I heard from a German immigrant, that the wording of the legislation, which had been blatantly pre-written, was based, in places word-for-word, on the legislation tabled in 1930s Germany, with the purpose of disarming Jews, among others. This man had read both, not just heard it somewhere.
    I quite liked Jacinda and Winston, up to this point. It may be that they are innocent, and being forcefully manipulated, but it’s a bad sign when there is blatant suppression of evidence, and we are constantly told how horribly traumatised we are, for such a long time. I saw the 17-minute video. It was cooked up; it was not, as the government still claims, a live stream. Our government knows this, and they’re lying.

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    1. I liked Max Igan’s & Vinny’s coverage on it. Intriguing really how it played out. Oh & Ole Dammegard’s. Interesting experience you’ve had with it Steve. Got the long view. Damned good point too re traumatizing. If nothing else even came out of such an event, it does has a kind of sobering effect on the entire population. Everybody gets understandably very wary And I’m surely noticing the censorship it’s ramped up big time. Thought control to the max. Book burning. Surely bordering serious times to come.


  2. My family and i drove past the turnoff to Port Arthur an hour before the murders started in the Broad Arrow cafe. The kids all wanted to go there; i said, “no, i hate that place”. Two and a half hours later, we saw one of the helicopters come down from the mainland. It flew directly above the highway, at treetop height, It must have been in the air at least an hour before the shooting started. There were many such anomalies. The story is a litany of arrogance and idiocy; so many mistakes! All smoothed out by the corporate media.
    Little Johnny Howard had been in the PM job for three weeks.
    With the drills, and the conferences of surgeons and international journalists, it was a total work of horrific fantasy, and the other thing it achieved was complicity. Complicity by some police, members of parliament, a judge, lawyers…..imagine it!!! Corrupting lawyers!!!! Shame, shame.
    The man second in charge of the Hobart police station, a man called Johnson, disappeared. No fuss, no search, no hue and cry. He must have been an honest cop.

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      1. i’m out of touch with those kids, except one
        And if there had been an inch of space in the car, i’d have had a deer rifle…a bloke along that road owed me a deer.
        Would have been a big mess. There were 600 people at Port Arthur, that day

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