5G: Vaud (Switzerland) Adopts Resolution for a Moratorium

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After last week’s news about Brussels putting the brakes on 5G, Switzerland’s 3rd largest canton (i.e. region) has also called for a halt to 5G, adopting a moratorium.

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NOTE: A follow-up breaking article has just been posted here [see auto-translation], which leads with, “Other cantons could follow [with moratoriums] in the next few days. Operators are furious.

After several twists, the Vaud Cantonal Parliament (Grand Council Vaudois) adopted Tuesday a resolution calling for a moratorium on 5G antennas. The measure should apply until it receives the report of the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment on this new technology.

After a long debate, obfuscated by the intervention of the Swiss State Councellor Jacqueline de Quattro, the Vaud Parliamentary representatives said “yes” to the resolution tabled by the Environmentalist “Green” Party Raphael Mahaim by 95 votes for the motion against 9 against it and 25…

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