Swedish corporations are now implanting their workers with microchips

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Swedish corporations are now implanting their workers with microchips. Employees are taking to social media and posting the surgical procedure photos.

Swedish medical staff surgically implants the chips into the area between the thumb and index finger. The goal is to offer Swedes more convenience in everyday life. Earlier this month, we reported that U.K. companies are beginning to ask that their employees be microchipped similar to the Swedes.

Many Swedish companies ask employees to voluntarily sign up for a microchip implant. And workers are accepting the offers and volunteering to have the procedures done. Of course, one must consider the ramifications of such “volunteer-based” microchipping. I’ll get to that in a bit.



4 thoughts on “Swedish corporations are now implanting their workers with microchips”

  1. This is so sick,I really don’t have words for it. But alas. A company I know (Corporate) has recently installed equipment for clocking in/out that accepts your finger/thumb. This of course is the start to being micro chipped so that they can follow you right around the factory. It’s getting sicker by the day. WHY IS NOBODY STANDING UP TO THIS SHIT?!!!!

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      1. You will get the detail in due course. I find this the epitome of personal abuse but it appears that corporate’s can do what they like and there is no redress from the employees. You simply don’t have a job.

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