Know the Dangers of 5G Microwave Radiation

Quemado Institute

Radiation Exposure: How to Protect Yourself

By Karl Pomeroy

Quemado Institute
April 3, 2019

5G advanced antenna (–new earth media, youtube)

The most urgent issue facing man today is the imminent onslaught of 5G technology. The human race and all living species are soon to be inundated with powerful high frequency RF and microwave radiation at every location on the planet. This savage attack on the very structure of our DNA and cellular physiology by the New World Order globalists and tech-giant corporations will begin in 2020 with the full roll-out of Fifth Generation satellite and earth-based telecommunications infrastructure

We as living human beings do not have to fall 100% prey to the 2020 roll-out of Fifth Generation or 5G microwave communications technology. Although the giant telcom companies have been given the legal go-ahead to fully build out 5G infrastructure—a global network designed to inundate every urban and rural corner…

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