FOOD FRAUD: ‘Canola Oil’, Alzheimer’s, Depression, Low IQ, & Cancer – By Meadow Clark


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‘…The biggest source of misinformation comes from mainstream and the medical communities who promote canola oil as heart- or brain-healthy… mice fed canola oil had significantly worse working memory than the control group. And their brains showed a reduction in a particular peptide, amyloid-beta 1-40, which the researchers said leads to an increase in the toxic amyloid proteins associated with Alzheimer’s disease” 

Canola Oil: Alzheimer’s, Depression, Low IQ, & Cancer – By Meadow Clark

Could canola oil lead to Alzheimer’s or other problems with the brain?

Previously, we reported that canola oil is actually damaging to the heart and cardiovascular system, contrary to media reports. It is genetically engineered and derived from a specially bred rapeseed plant and goes through an incredible high-heat and chemical process before it reaches the store.
We know this oil is anything but heart-healthy – but that’s not where the problems stop.

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