FOOD FRAUD: Top 10 ‘Poisons’ in American Food, Water, & Medicine, & Which Body Functions They Attack


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‘…They get you burning the candle at both ends, and your life gets shortened, your wellness constantly recedes, and your longevity is minimized, while maximizing your expenses. And guess what kind of food they serve you in the hospital when you’re already sick from these top 10 toxins? Yep, you guessed it”

Top 10 “Poisons” in American food, water, and medicine – and which body functions they ATTACK

Do you know what’s happening to your body right now? Is it under siege? Some bodies are under attack 24/7 from chemicals in food that the manufacturers call additives, preservatives, or even “natural flavoring.” Other people literally drink tap water and think their body will just filter out all the deadly sodium fluoride, chlorine, artificial sweeteners, and lab-concocted pharmaceuticals those medicated folks urinated out.
Then there are those “consumers” who actually believe that prescription medications aren’t toxic. They…

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