EUGENICS: The ‘Soft Kill’ Agenda, Why Are We Being Slowly Poisoned?


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“Our water, air, and food supplies are all being poisoned as the eugenics train moves forward. Why are the controllers poisoning us and what can we do about it?”

The ‘Soft Kill’ Agenda, Why Are We Being Slowly Poisoned?

Our basic rights to exist rely on what we are able to eat, drink, and breathe. If any of these three components are compromised, then so is our health. If organizations such as the WHO, the FDA and EPA are in place to watch over our health, then why are there so many toxins in our air, water and food supplies? For example, after the Fukushima disaster, the EPA raised the toxicity levels of how much radiation is acceptable to the human body.

We are all economic slaves to a broken system of fiat currency. We work 40-plus hours a week, 50-plus weeks a year until we’re…

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  1. It seems that no matter what we environmentalist do or say the Govt. is “Hell Bent” on poisoning us, It has been proved that the Harmless possums do not carry or pass TB to cattle & they do not eat eggs or birds, Even though 26 Doctors and some Judges & scientific experts including soil scientist have all condemned 1080,

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