The Medical Industrial Complex: Never A Cure to be Found

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wp-image-879162634By Dr. John Reizer

It’s vitally important to understand how the medical industrial complex operates in order to understand why there have never been any cures to any diseases.

Now I understand that some people like to point out that surgeons can cure tonsillitis, appendicitis, infected gallbladders, and a plethora of other conditions by removing diseased tissues. But that’s not technically a cure because the surgeon is cutting out the disease and not really curing anything. If done often enough, this practice would make the patient disappear.

In addition to those claims, others like to point out that Polio and Smallpox were cured through vaccination programs. This is also not accurate because both of these diseases declined through natural adaptations within human physiology, better sanitation, better public health practices, and some very clever statistical reporting by regulating agencies that reclassified Polio as viral meningitis after vaccines were administered. This is…

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  1. This is one very interesting article. I can almost say, been there done that. After some “medical mishap” they could not find anything wrong. However they put me on a cocktail of about five different medicine. Doing a bit of research on my part, I told the doctor to stick his med’s up his proverbial. He almost had a heart attack. That was five years ago, go figure! The medicine most likely would have killed by now.

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