Shutting down the vaccine dialogue – Google, Amazon, Facebook

Published on Mar 17, 2019

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7 thoughts on “Shutting down the vaccine dialogue – Google, Amazon, Facebook”

    1. Oh and Good link NHNE it screamed false flag.
      And soon as you saw the picture of one regular police officer( not armed offenders)arresting him 36 minutes after over ten min shooting nxt to the local police station. Something stunk.
      Lucky for the govt the public are morons and cannot think for themselves.
      Then all the bullshit… it hasn’t stopped!…. I sicked up a bit in my mouth reading over and over how compassionate the PM is and how all the (selfish, corrupt evil narcissist) politicians are so kind and caring.

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  1. Net neutrality is a joke with google(a search engine monopoly).
    There is no dialog for anything on Google, just the one narrative(the banksters Global Govt).
    Even once open for comment smaller blogs are censoring any opinion that contradicts the govt( or theirs) nowdays.

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