Facebook ‘s Zuckerberg wants more internet censorship

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This 7 March 2019 Canadian TV video says about itself:

Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg’s privacy-first claims get a reality check

Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg says his platform will shift its focus to privacy. We talk to industry experts to give those claims a reality check.

By Kevin Reed:

Mark Zuckerberg’s “Privacy Manifesto”: A brief for intensifying Internet and social media censorship

12 March 2019

On March 6, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg published a statement entitled “A Privacy-Focused Vision for Social Networking” on the Notes tab of his personal page. Widely described as a “manifesto”, the document is a brief for ending the mass public exchange of ideas on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, as well as across the Internet as a whole, under the guise of “protecting privacy”.

The manifesto begins with Zuckerberg emphasizing that he is “taking positions on important issues…

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