Late term abortions in the US & the body parts selling operation

A speech from a former abortionist & why he stopped doing abortions. Aborted babies born live, left to die. Some revelations also on the Planned Parenthood organization and the trade in body parts. Very disturbing watch really.

Published on Feb 11, 2019

Photo: video screenshot

2 thoughts on “Late term abortions in the US & the body parts selling operation”

  1. Thanks Pam for this linked video. In the US, we have completely accepted abortion. It is ingrained in the society now, and will not be rooted out in our lifetimes. Yet, the US lectures the world on human rights while it does not respect the most fundamental human right (to life). The US is post-Christian now, and woe to those “Christian” churches here that approve of this ongoing killing.

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