Monsanto Has Always Been Evil

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Monsanto Has Always Been EvilOne of the most hated companies in the world is Monsanto, best known for it’s genetically modified seeds (GMOs) and roundup weedkiller.

In a 2013 poll, Monsanto was named the most evil corporation in the world, even managing to beat rivals like McDonald’s and the Federal Reserve by a wide margin.

But many people are not fully aware of the history behind the multi-national biotech giant nor how far back their corruption really goes.

According to Waking Times:

Here are five things you may you may not have known about Monsanto, but should.

1. Monsanto’s First Product Was a Toxic Chemical Sweetener called Saccharin

When Monsanto was first created in 1901, its main purpose was to sell a chemical called saccharin to the Coca-Cola corporation as an artificial sweetener. Having known it to be a dangerous carcinogen, a government body called the Referee Board of Consulting Scientific Experts, created…

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