4 thoughts on “‘Global warming’ is merely the latest environmental scare with the same solutions of wealth redistribution, more regulations, higher taxes, fewer individual freedoms, and central planning”

  1. Climate change has deliberately and dishonestly been made synonymous with “global warming” — the first has existed for millennia so it’s hard to challenge, but statistics are so distorted and mispresented to gullible media as truth. The fact is that the more particulate matter there is in the atmosphere, the LOWER temperatures should get, that’s been well established by volcanic eruptions in recorded history. That doesn’t suit the global warming brigade, however, so they pick on Carbon Dioxide which just isn’t anywhere near a high enough level to make a difference. It could go to 5 times the present level before it would (not that we want that to happen). The one positive aspect of it all is that air pollution is being slowly reduced in the developed countries.

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