The Borax Conspiracy How the Arthritis Cure has been stopped ~ January 24, 2019

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My good friend J sent me the following article, and I Am showing this here as arthritis is a big deal everywhere. My mother suffers from arthritic feet that have limited her mobility. I must admit, I do not suffer from arthritis (I Am 61) and this may be due to the mineral supplement I take daily as we are all quite aware of the poor food quality we all endure.

That’s why it is extremely good idea to garden, garden as mush as you can a the foodstuffs you grow are not tainted by soils used over and over with chemical fertilizers. I do not endorse the use of any treatment, medical, homeopathcs, or supplemental, until you do your own research!

Please read the article below, let your research guide you, and be…



Walter Last

You may not be able to imagine that borax, this humble insecticide…

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        1. That second link is dead (says for sale)… do you have another? … & from my brief perusal, am wondering is this about the freeman/strawman/sovereign issue? Am certainly aware our govts/corporations have been heisted


        2. Yes to freeman/strawman/sovereign issue plus
          De Jure vs De Facto and how to take back our governments. sometimes Anna Von Reitz .com is temporarily blocked. If this is the case just put her name into search and it will come right up. If not, let me know.


        3. Thanks. Big issue isn’t it & one I have just not had time to fully research. I began a couple of years ago but have not returned to it. A woman here challenged the system & was in the news for a while, last forum I read she’d been paid out a large sum of money. Unsure how true that is but she certainly went quiet.


  1. well done. I have used the borax for 6 months now. it does seem to help. plus. it keeps you hydrated as you drink a quart of water a day. your body needs boron but our foods lack it for the most part. As with all commercial foods. they take out the good stuff and add in toxic stuff that breaks down your body slowly over time. causing sickness, pain and early death. I truly believe they know what they are doing. They are using the human body as a toxic waste dump. You could say they use biological bodies to dispose of hazardous waste in the form of fluoride, metals and other waste byproducts. They make us eat it and our bodies dispose of it in cells which turn to cancer cells.
    we have to teach ourselves to become healers for our bodies. no one else will do it for us. we are our own teachers and our own healers. one step at a time.

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    1. I started on borax a while back but have not kept up. I now have a supplement containing it created by a man who healed himself of cancer (after healing his sheep of it) by figuring out our soils were depleted. I tend to agree with you madraallta re the intentional. How else do you explain decades upon decades of research & warnings from scientsts & health professionals being ignored?

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      1. exactly. your absolutely right!! . Truly, the only one who can heal the body is the person occupying it. doctors cannot heal a person. They fix nothing. They can drug you. cut you open. maybe set a bone but ultimately the only person capable of healing me…is me! if i don’t do it myself no one else can or will. Dr. Joel Dispenza has a lot of video’s and books on that fact. It is a difficult thing for people to accept. But it is very true. The body can heal all by itself. If given the time, the nutrition and the belief that it can be done. Thank you for posting this article. well done!

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      2. Yes, our natural healing was taken over by the Rockefellers & their pharmaceutical industry early last century for profit. It takes a while to get a new mindset again on it. Yes our bodies are already equipped with an immune system. Time for folk to wake up & see the fraud that’s been imposed by stealth.

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