more warnings about retirement villages of the ‘licence to occupy’ type

Waikanae Watch

An article from a couple of days ago. We’ve commented several times about these high profit property renting businesses, and while some are run ethically, we know from our own observations that there are also some managed by amoral and unscrupulous types.


We’ve all seen thepicturesof the carefree silver haired couple enjoying a resort-like lifestyle in a ‘lifestyle village for the active retiree’but as Diana Clementwrites, residents are finding thatisnot the reality.

The Poynton, like hundreds ofretirementvillages across New Zealand,makes money by selling licences to occupyindependent livingunits, to retired people. For $670,000 toover $1 million,The Poyntonresidentsget to live in“pure luxury”, “the pinnacle of retirement living”, “unrivalled comfort, security and peace of mind so you can truly enjoy life”.

But lift the lid and the picture starts to look different.

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