FDA Admits Popular Medications Can Cause Life-Threatening Breathing Problems In Children

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The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cautioned against the administration of medications containing codeine and tramadol, saying in an official statement that these opioid drugs can cause “life-threatening breathing problems,” particularly in children below the age of 12.

Image: FDA admits popular medications can cause life-threatening breathing problems in kids

“Some children and adults break down codeine and tramadol into their active forms faster than other people. That can cause the level of opioids in these people to rise too high and too quickly,” the federal agency said. They also warned that breastfeeding mothers who take said narcotics may pass on “unsafe levels of opioids” to their nursing babies, causing them to become too sleepy, have difficulty feeding, or have “serious breathing problems”.

As a measure, the FDA said that they are strengthening their labels for drugs with codeine and tramadol.

A grim warning

Tramadol is chiefly used to treat moderate to severe pain and is often administered to post-operative patients, 

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4 thoughts on “FDA Admits Popular Medications Can Cause Life-Threatening Breathing Problems In Children”

  1. This frightening video explains the history of Belgium aristocratic family who runs giant international pharma that produces Prozac and other drugs. They are from knights Templar to Masons, satanic child sacrificers. They don’t endanger children by oversight or accident. They kill on purpose.

    (posted to my blog)


    1. Horrors FC. I guess that comes as no surprize in a sense given the evidence that’s now coming out. The fact for instance that Gardasil continues in spite of all the obvious damage it does. Thanks for the link I’ll take a look.


      1. yeah … fluoride ingredient and popular drugs all tied to the demonic Belium clan…. no accident. Bankers flock to Belgium not for the big economy brains there but for the satanic castles there to do rituals.
        And I’m not even religious….

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