The Capitalist Origins of Christmas

Published on Dec 22, 2018

The traditions of Christmas are far more cynical than you think……

7 thoughts on “The Capitalist Origins of Christmas”

  1. i have to say this was just about the hardest bit of programming to break. It is one woven throughout our existence. We are chastised by friends and other family that say we are cheap. or we are anti-christmas. or anti-christ even. The social engineering is strong. As they say in star wars…”the force is strong ” for this day. We are programmed celebrate it and anyone who rebels is driven out or ridiculed. That alone told us everything we needed to know. it is a dark holiday…a social programming. it made us more determined then ever to find the truth for ourselves and to challenge it. It is very hard to do that. and It tends to be isolating but we would rather know the truth and be ostracized then live a lie. too many lies these days. Thank you for posting this video. !!


    1. Yes it’s the reaction isn’t it that folk fear. honest. I think many folk have tossed the commercialism & reverted to a simple version, many also acknowledging it is not the true story as presented to us. .. but use the occasion to celebrate Christ’s birth anyway. Whatever folks’ stance, things are certainly undergoing change.

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  2. Any State Sanctioned holiday i am suspicious of. I celebrated Christmas for years and never knew why i did it. it became habit. Then it became a chore. Fight the crowds and angry people and i finally stopped and said ”why?”. Is it because it is a holiday of good cheer? no. look at the people in the shops and malls. Look at black Friday? no cheer there. is it because it is the birth of Christ? no. he was born in the fall. Even the church will agree that he wasn’t born dec.25th so again why? because the retailers love it. because it is for economics? how about spending time with family? i can do that every day if i want to. so why do it once a year? I realized it was because i was programmed to do it. Christmas is a holiday that is built into us from childhood and it is based on a lie. every bit of it. From Santa, Christ’s birthday, the tree, the presents. all of it. a lie. and a waste. It creates massive debt for people who can little afford it. So we stopped. my family and i . we got tired of living a lie. and said no! if we want to give gifts we can do that for birthdays. or anniversary’s which are more personal then a state sanctioned holiday. Christmas creates debt and depression for millions. Tons and tons of waste. Retailers hype it and they love it. The church enjoys it and so does the state but the people themselves are harmed by it.. For us. We gave it up! Part of deprogramming ourselves from living based on other people’s beliefs and wishes.

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