The error in climatology – Lord Monckton

Published on Jul 19, 2018

6-24-2018 Lord Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley provides BREAKING NEWS regarding an error in the Climatology paradigm that changes everything! Introduced by William Jasper, Editor, The New American Magazine Recorded at Dream Maker Ranch, Green Bluff, Washington Attribution: Lord Monckton Image – by Joanne Nova (joanne at joannenova dot com dot au) – Joanne Nova, CC BY-SA 3.0 nl,… Northwest Grassroots has consistently provided high quality Constitutional / conservative education since 2008. Over the past 102+ months we have produced over 183 events – and we are still growing. As we have no ‘official’ membership we greatly appreciate financial donations to help us continue our work. Consider contributing here: June 24th, 2018, the day after The Red Pill Expo in Spokane, Washington, good friend Bill Jasper, Editor of The New American magazine along with Lord Monckton came to Northwest Grassroots studio to record this scientific exposé about ongoing climate theory. The short version of this very scientific overview is that Lord Monckton’s team of fellow scientists discovered that one HUGE bit of scientific fact was missing in the current theory pertaining to Global Warming; the effect of the SUN!

6 thoughts on “The error in climatology – Lord Monckton”

    1. Well that they want to open the public mind to geoengineering (Chem trails- block the sun with particles !!!).
      You could’t make up this level of human insanity if you tried.
      The Establishment’s Lord Monckton is supporting that geoengineering plan by suggesting the fact the Sun is a climate driver.
      Actually its the main climate driver with oceans a second.
      He is not suggesting the full truth, a teaspoon of sugar makes the foul medicine go down.

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  1. No sand person is asserting that we humans can affect the cycles of the sun!!

    The late John Daly (1943 – 2004) of Australia (Tasmania) was bringing up this fact on his website, Still Waiting for Greenhouse. The sun is now past an active set of cycles that lasted roughly from 1940 into the early 2000s. In another several years, we may be seeing slightly cooler temps. What will the manmade global warming folks be saying then?

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