The Green Agenda Burns to Ashes in Paris

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Ed.  Who would have believed that the FRENCH would be among the first to take a violent stand against their liberal, traitorous, political sell-outs!

from the Daily Signal of December 5th

by Jarrett Stepman

A riot is an ugly thing.

The anarchical mayhem in the streets of Paris in recent days paint a picture of a fractured society with deep-seated problems—a breakdown of the fragile yet essential rule of law.


Bloomberg Opinion


– 70% of French voters believe democracy doesn’t work well in France
– Only 11% trust political parties
– 24% trust the media
– 63% of young French were ready for a large-scale revolt

The gilets jaunes protests were almost inevitable
5:02 AM – Dec 3, 2018

While we’ve come to expect such things in France, there are specific reasons why these protests have erupted in the last month.

The “climate” agenda, peddled…

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4 thoughts on “The Green Agenda Burns to Ashes in Paris”

  1. This is the kind of thing that should be happening in NZ right now! This government and of course JK’s government (for 8years) have done absolutely nothing for the people of New-Zealand. And to date they (the government) could not even bring themselves to lower the petrol prices for the holiday season. What kind of government is this? Are they not concerned about the well-being of the New-Zealand citizens, it seems to don’t give a flying (proverbial). Nice going Ardern. You are just as bad as the rest of them! Totally useless!

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  2. Yes it would be good if awareness in Kiwis that taxes only unfairly transfer wealth from bottom to top (banksters and elitist tools).
    That is not anarchy that is chaos.
    I would not like to see the same violent protests in NZ -as that can be used against the people but protest would’ve been good… not the zzzzzzz of a population asleep.
    The thing that reporters here ignore is that the ” carbon tax” does nothing but transfer more money to the Bank of England’s french and Crown govt .
    The (Crown) govt is not set up for the people, its the bankers tool of control (govt).
    The climate has always been in a state of change. Man’s emissions of CO2 are not the main climate drivers.
    More taxes don’t and can’t change climate – so how is the Govt selling that bullshit ?

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