A Possible Significant Turning Point in the Climate Scam

Iowa Climate Science Education

Something unique in the extensive history of the global warming/climate change scam occurred this week. The intended working class victims of the “green” climate campaign have rebelled in recent weeks and this week they achieved a major concession by the French Government. The Government has agreed to postpone a scheduled increase in the carbon tax as it had previously decided to do. This will not lower the tax paid primarily by the poorer and lower class working people, but at least the proposed tax increase will be postponed, most recently through 2019. The Wall Street Journal expresses my views very well in an editorial.

The leader of the revolt welcomed the Government’s concessions but said that “This is only a first step. The French do not wish to have just crumbs, like sparrows at the edge of a window in the middle of winter. We want the whole baguette…

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