Baby Tahr left to die of cold & starvation as Sth Island cull gets under way, right on calving

The cruelty of this killing frenzy knows no end it seems. NZ’s ‘predator free 2050’ scheme aims to rid us of ALL introduced, non-native species except farming stock.

They are already coming for your cats. Of course they failed to fill us in on all of this finer detail. That would involve divulging all they signed us up to decades ago. Do read that article at the first link by Jenese James. It is very enlightening on the culling topic. If you keep your eyes open & read between the lines you may have noticed culling is becoming a common word (not to mention either the extinction of species!). One I saw not too long ago was the culling of Canadian Geese off Palmy’s Lagoon in Centennial Drive. It shocked onlookers & took place in the school holidays where children could have seen it. This scheme has already been condemned by two academics as being unrealistic. You don’t have to even be an academic however to figure it’s unrealistic, or cruel. Not rocket science really.  It’s been said by more than one notable person that a nation can be judged by the way it treats its poor and vulnerable, and its animals.  NZ, once a welfare state, is now found seriously wanting on all counts of that one.

Following is information on the Tahr cull from Carol Sawyer.


It has come to my notice, from an extremely reliable source, that at least two helicopters were working for the Department of Conservation last weekend – carrying out the Tahr cull (the one that Eugenie Sage said would not now be carried out until next winter) in the designated Tahr cull area that was organised prior to the fatal Wanaka helicopter accident on 20 October, 2018.

One helicopter flew out of Manapouri and a second involved is allegedly Wanaka-based.

The Dept of Conservation is crying out for more money​,​ and yet the helicopter from Manapouri would have had a three hour return trip, I’m told, at a cost of at least $1,500 per hour plus GST​ – ​ just to position it for the Tahr cull. There are several helicopters closer that could have been used instead.

The helicopter from Manapouri was carrying a DoC biodiversity officer to do the shooting.

tahr baby
Baby Tahr left to die of cold & starvation without their mothers

The Tahr are calving now. I’m informed the babies would probably not have been seen, as they are “planted” for the first two weeks of life, in a similar manner to deer – with Mum coming back to feed them. They will have been left to die of cold and starvation.

I have also heard via a​ second​ source, a shocked helicopter owner, that DoC are shooting the nanny Tahr in the guts so they go away and die invisibly in the bush, presumably in severe pain. If they were visible their skeletons would be visible for several years. This way they are hidden from public view. I SO hope this is not true!

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  1. This really so farks me off. What sort of monster shoots something to maim rather than kill quick and outright and at calving when of course there’s gonna be babies. Same sort of people that get off on wars and general cruelty. Sick fuckers all of them.

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  2. Canadian Geese are a problem (they were only introduced recently, and F&G didn’t manage them as they said they would) as are too many black swans. I have no problem with culling, especially for food, as long as its humane and non-toxic and in reasonable balance.

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    1. I have video footage of a Canada geese cull where dozens of dead geese were left floating in the pristine Watsons Tarn and stream in the Ahuriri Valley also more geese and paradise ducks on the Ben Avon Lagoon. Also many years ago geese were poisoned by oats laced with 1080 poison to kill rabbits in the Ahuriri arm of Lake Benmore. It just goes on. Lew


  3. WHO KNOWS WHAT TO BELIEVE – I RECKON THEY ARE RAPING THE FOOD CHAIN – BY FAKE MEDIA HIJACKED REPORTS, AND FAKE POISONINGS – THEN ITS SOLD OVERSEAS TO THE HIGHEST BUYER – BECAUSE NZ HAS HIGH VALUE FOOD PRODUCTIONS – STEALING SEAFOOD claiming its infected, stealing Fruit & veges, STEALING MEAT and Manauka honey, STEALING Dairy….THERE’S A PATTERN, Wheres the proof of all the DEAD Carcases being buried? Where are these govt policed offices DUMPING and DISPOSING OF THE FOOD? ITS ALL ABOUT PROFITS BY WHITE COLLARED CRIMINALS! Theres a BILLION worth of Food STOLEN in the last 2 years, do the calculations people! AND SOMEWHERE SOME MAORIS are partnering with this shit, STARVING MAORI, Tamariki, Men, Woman whanau poharatanga….BY CO-OPERATE THEFT COMPANY THEFT with dirty cops supporting this!


  4. This is all so sad why do they have to cull. Im sure there is enough land in NZ to accommodate these beautiful animals Shame Shame

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