A 1080 poison drop in the Manawatu Gorge is imminent

NOTE re updates: I’m getting updates from people so will add them as I hear. I’ve added info provided via social media about avenues of possible action for Iwi anywhere in NZ who do not want aerial 1080 drops. See below.

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This drop is to take place between October 23 and December 7, or thereabouts depending on the weather. (UPDATE: the walking tracks are closed until after the drop apparently).

Another local who has walked the Gorge area for 20 years says it has always been trapped or bait stationed (see her full comment at the end). This was confirmed by a second person.

If you do live in the Manawatu, please do watch Poisoning Paradise for the information DoC or the Manawatu authorities won’t be telling you.

Poisoning Paradise is a locally made documentary that has won no less than four international environmental film awards, however your Government has banned it from NZ television. I wonder why? Perhaps they don’t want you to see all the evidence and  make up your own mind about its safety? You can watch it at this link. 

Walking tracks will be closed the article says, however if you walk on them when they open, do be on the lookout for stray baits as they are not always picked up by DoC other observers have noted (as they should be). We have posted photographs of kids standing by them on walking tracks elsewhere in the country. Likewise, don’t take your pets there, dogs are very susceptible to 1080 poisoning and around 65+ dogs die of it each year. It also takes a very long time for poisoned animals to die. A veterinarian says death from 1080 is like two days of electrocution. There is no antidote to 1080 either & a retired NZ Doctor has warned us if you die from it nobody will know because the MoH is bullying Doctors into not testing for it. This is evidenced going by the apparent cover up on the recent poisoning of the Putaruru family, and the same following the death of the 23 year old US hiker in the South Island in 2006 after which the NZ lab lost her heart.

Copy of Copy of whitewash-615907_1920.jpg

Remember the Government changed the rules so that 1080 can now be dropped directly into your waterways without a resource consent from regional councils. And yet the warning on the manufacturer’s data sheet clearly says do not drop it into waterways. Then there was a former co leader of the Green Party who expressed concern about the testing of post 1080 drop water. The frequency of finding 1080 in water samples is at odds with independent testing he said. Official figures say 1080 is detected only 3% of the time however, from the calculations of an independent scientist that incidence is closer to 60%.

Even if I did believe the official info from DoC on how safe 1080 is in our drinking water, I still would not be drinking it any time soon. Who in their right mind wants to ingest a deadly Class 1A ecotoxin at any stage or amount of dilution?

Stay safe people & look at all the information, not just the official dialogue.


Mary Lewis, a Palmerston North person has written to me stating:

I have walked the Manawatu Gorge Area for about 20 years and have never seen deforestation or signs of possums or rats in day time or night. One of the main reasons for this is that the area has been continually trapped and bait stationed. There are plenty of birds when the food is available. Kererus feed off the Cabbage tree flowers and Nikau flowers and Berries and Tuis are there in number when Ratas and other flowers are available. Ruru and fantails need the insects and 1080 is going to put the whole ecosystem out of wack and fall into the contributing streams of the Manawatu River. DOC knows of the pain and destruction that 1080, especially aerial drops, make on our country, but just ignore any science or facts that go against their actions. Why are they targeting a family friendly track, where people do take their dogs on leashes. This is our country not DOC’s or the Government’s, so why don’t we have a say against poisoning our land.

From social media pages, possible avenues for action for Iwi regarding 1080 aerial drops:

 *Due process by law to stop dropping 1080
All whanua/ hapu Maori Incorporations must notify the Councils who to contact and the address of the whanua/ hapu Maori Incorporations Registered Office, so they can inform the whanua/ hapu Maori Inc of any Resource consent applications:
So Resource consent has been approved and we whanua/ hapu Maori Inc did not know of it, we can appeal to the Environment Court on 2 grounds:
1) breach of Natural Justice (no Notice)
2) & breach of Natural right ( right to possession of our property)
Also, Court of Appeal overturned “90 Mile beach case” http://archived.ccc.govt.nz/…/SuppLegisClause1Attachment.pdfWhen the Councils contact whanua/ hapu Maori Inc for consultation, tell them to Transfer power to our Inc in terms of Section 33 of R M Act 1991.Each whanau/hapu – Maori Inc to do file :TRESPASS & WRONGFUL OCCUPATION
• is in our jurisdiction
• District Court has no jurisdiction to trespass us.
• So we file the same charges against them in our Marae Court. Section 144Order for Interlocutory Injunction into High Court and give a copy. Sec 75

xiii) Section 8 of RMAct: Rangatiratanga over land, forests, fisheries, estates and all other Taonga tukuiho as in section 2 ( control of Maori land ) in the exercise of Rangatiratanga.

And whereas it is desirable to recognise that land is a taonga tuku iho of special significance to Maori people and, for that reason, to promote the retention of that land in the hands of its owners, their whanau, and their hapu, and to protect wahi tapu: and to facilitate the occupation, development, and utilisation of that land for the benefit of its owners, their whanau, and their hapu

and to protect wahi tapu:

Nā te mea i riro nā te Tiriti o Waitangi i motuhake ai te noho a te iwi me te Karauna: ā, nā te mea e tika ana kia whakaūtia anō te wairua o te wā i riro atu ai te kāwanatanga kia riro mai ai te mau tonu o te rangatiratanga e takoto nei i roto i te Tiriti o Waitangi: ā, nā te mea e tika ana kia mārama ko te whenua he taonga tuku iho e tino whakaaro nuitia ana e te iwi Māori, ā, nā tērā he whakahau kia mau tonu taua whenua ki te iwi nōna, ki ō rātou whānau, hapū hoki, a, a ki te whakangungu i ngā wāhi tapu hei whakamāmā i te nohotanga, i te whakahaeretanga, i te whakamahitanga o taua whenua hei painga mō te hunga nōna, mō ō rātou whānau, hapū hoki: ā, nā te mea e tika ana kia tū tonu he Te Kooti, ā, kia whakatakototia he tikanga hei āwhina i te iwi Māori kia taea ai ēnei kaupapa te whakatinana.
Whereas the Treaty of Waitangi established the special relationship between the Maori people and the Crown: And whereas it is desirable that the spirit of the exchange of kawanatanga for the protection of rangatiratanga embodied in the Treaty of Waitangi be reaffirmed: And whereas it is desirable to recognise that land is a taonga tuku iho of special significance to Maori people and, for that reason, to promote the retention of that land in the hands of its owners, their whanau, and their hapu, and to protect wahi tapu: and to facilitate the occupation, development, and utilisation of that land for the benefit of its owners, their whanau, and their hapu: And whereas it is desirable to maintain a court and to establish mechanisms to assist the Maori people to achieve the implementation of these principles.

it clearly states …………………………… to promote the retention of that land in the hands of its owners, their whanau, and their hapu, and to protect wahi tapu. How to manageand deal with all district councils,

(a) They “must” consult with the whanau/hapu Maori Inc for all Resource consent applications.

(b) Section 20, they must consult with the Maori Land Court for advice.

(c) They must find out from the MLC who are the owners of the land concerned

(d) The rules of Natural justice

(e) Kawanatanga for the protection of Rangatiratanga.
i) Preamble of Te Ture Whenua 1993
ii) Tiriti o Waitangi 1840
Inc at the same time must convene a Hui with beneficiaries, but needs putea, so:
i) charge Council for Resource consent as the owner
ii) set fees to convene a Hui
iii) set fees or expenses for us to consult with our beneficiaries
iv) advertise for general public to make submission to us
v) file a proposal for Resource consent ( ? )
vi) we hear objection for Resource consent

If the Council has an Advisory Committee:
i) we notify them of Transfer of Power
ii) They are unconstitutional
iii) No legal identity to hear any submissions
iv) Unconstituted under Te Ture Whenua 1993
v) Not a legal entity within the meaning of Rangatiratanga
vi) We are constituted under NZ Constitution Act 1852
vii) They constituted under 1986 NZ constitution Act which has no legal entity within the meaning of Te Ture Whenua 1993 Act
viii) 1989 Maori Electoral Act: Royal Commission on Electoral Reform found that Maori Elec–? Had no constitutional aspect, because their inclusion into Parliament is not based on a Maori mandate
ix) But a Maori Inc has a mandate of the Section 5 (Crown)
x) Under sec 247 mandate of Tangata Whenua has Mana whenua
xi) Council cannot, Parliament cannot
xii) After powers are transferred, claim to Council under sec 8
xiii) Section 8 of RMAct: Rangatiratanga over land, forests, fisheries, estates and all other Taonga tukuiho as in section 2 ( control of Maori land ) in the exercise of Rangatiratanga.

Even the Governor General cannot stand in the way of Maori. Section 2 & 5
FORCE A JUDGE to make a Decision

• Sec 2 says I control the land
• Sec 5 says, you are her subject
• Sec 17 (2) says he must abide by the owners wishes
• Sec 17 (2a) says, you must do what you are told
• Sec 6 says, record your decision
• So you tell the Judge to make a decision if he wont, tell him to sit in a corner while you make the decision.


For other articles on 1080 poison see ‘categories’ (left of news page) and/or visit our 1080 pages (main menu, top of page) especially the ‘Suspected 1080 Poisoning’ one. Our resources page also has much info on groups, sites etc for further info, particularly that of the documentary makers (Poisoning Paradise) tv-wild.com.

Below is the Stuff article about the impending Manawatu aerial drop:


7 thoughts on “A 1080 poison drop in the Manawatu Gorge is imminent”

  1. DoC is increasingly resorting to media releases claiming its field workers are being threatened and harassed by 1080 opponents, Newshub/TV3 had another such item this evening. But it seems that these claims are accepted at face value by reporters and no investigation of their accuracy gets done. Wouldn’t an OIA request for itemisation of such alleged incidents be a starting point? I think the anti-1080 movement has to tackle their media claims itself.

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    1. Carol Sawyer has posted often on this at FB. I will try & find one of those. I do believe what you suggest has in fact been done. Will see what I can find. Good point though. Thing is, the media has ramped their game up since the hikoi & protest. Their image has been dented.

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    2. Carol Sawyer’s post: Facts 4 Friday: OIA reveals false claims from DoC

      Can we expect our Government agencies like the New Zealand Department of Conservation (DoC) to tell us the truth? Can we at least expect them NOT to blatantly and shamelessly lie?

      Well apparently, no.

      Over the past year, there have been increasing claims in the media from people like Lou Sanson, Director-General of the DoC and Nicola Toki, DoC’s ‘Threatened Species Ambassador’ that ‘anti-1080 activists are dangerously out of control’, ‘have gone feral’ and even ‘ are repeatedly making death threats to DoC staff’.

      On 31st August this year, we exposed the truth about these lies. We reported the response to an Official Information Act to the New Zealand Police, which asked ‘exactly HOW MANY threats of violence towards DoC staff had been recorded from so-called ‘anti-1080 activists in the past 2 years?’ and perhaps more importantly, ‘how many of these were being upheld?’

      The answer, back then, was six. Between March 2016 and March 2018 there were a total of only six reports of threats to NZ Police, of which, ZERO were being progressed to prosecution. Nil prosecutions. Surprise, surprise!

      So since then, from March up to October 2018, how many MORE threats to DoC do you think have been reported to the Police? After all, there was (according to TVNZ in Sept) a “sharp rise in threats to DoC staff”. Numerous media articles have attempted to alarm the public about the ‘dangers’ of ‘anti-1080 activists’. Then there was the commencement of a costly contract with the private security firm, Thompson and Clark (April 2018). Journalists like Tom O’Connor writing opinion pieces with headlines like ‘ Anti-1080 protesters’ threats to human life inexcusable’…..


      Yes, that’s right, since March 2018 there has been an ‘explosion’ of the numbers of threats to….um, the same, on average, as the previous two years.

      Whether any of these 3 alleged threats will progress to a prosecution, remains to be seen. But if previously reported incidents are anything to go by (e.g. a threatening phone call, and a note left on a DoC vehicle) we doubt it very much.

      We need to call out DoC about their constant and tiresome Fake News. And we need to make the media accountable for perpetuating their lies. We need to ask for more evidence whenever DoC make a claim; they are simply untrustworthy.

      Some examples of recent Fake News articles below.

      Photo: Screenshot of OIA response, dated 1 November 2018.

      “Southern police have also revealed they are investigating several threats made last year to sabotage 1080 operations, including one involving the setting of man traps. Department of Conservation (Doc) operations director southern South Island Aaron Fleming said in recent months there had been an increase in threats and harassment to Doc staff and contractors nationwide, including eight in Otago and Southland.” (Otago Daily Times, 6 Oct 2018)

      “There are fears for the safety of conservation workers and contractors after recent attacks on their vehicles. In three instances wheel nuts on the vehicles were loosened in acts believed to be connected to protests over the Conservation Department’s use of 1080 poison for pest management. In the most serious case a contractor avoided injury when a wheel came off while he was driving, after its nuts had been loosened. DOC director-general Lou Sanson said toxic bait had been put in a staff letterbox and he had also seen other threatening posts on Facebook recently.” (New Zealand Radio, 29 Sept 2017)

      “DOC appalled at latest 1080 threats to staff: The Department of Conservation (DOC) confirms that it has asked New Zealand Police to investigate after receiving a second threatening letter from an anti-1080 protestor in Taranaki. The aggressive letter intensifies threats against DOC staff and claims more sika deer will be released unless DOC stops its use of 1080 to control predators.” (Scoop, 5 December 2017)

      “Sharp rise in threats to DOC as anti 1080 protesters hold mass demonstrations” TVNZ, 1 News: Sept 2018
      DoC said the intelligence gathering was necessary because of threats made by anti-1080 activists who in some cases had threatened to shoot down helicopters. “They’ve threatened to kill our staff and their families, we’ve had physical confrontation, and we’ve had instances of tampering with vehicles, loosening wheel nuts. “So we needed a specialist security company to help us with that because we just don’t have the resources or expertise,” Mr Maher said. Threats are collated and assessed by Thompson and Clark as to whether they could likely be carried out. If the risk is high they are forwarded onto police. (Radio New Zealand Checkpoint: DOC Using Thompson and Clarke to monitor anti-1080 activists April 23, 2018)

      Department of Conservation staff are facing a torrent of online threats and abuse following a recent spike in anti-1080 protest This is having a consequence for frontline DOC staff, Mrs Toki said incidents of threats and abuse in August were significantly higher than usual. “We had eight incidents in just one month alone where staff were physically confronted, abused or harassed and then we had seven abusive phone calls and emails” She said in addition to that there were countless harassment threats and abuse via social media which were followed up with Netsafe and the police. (Radio New Zealand 18 Sept 2018) https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=carol%20sawyer%2C%20doc%20workers%20threatened


      1. Have reposted this on Waikanae Watch. There was yet another even more sensational report on Newshub/TV3 last night, only 4 days after the on on Friday — they are really cranking up these claims now. It’s possibly counter-productive though — the public may start wondering why people are so upset about the use of 1080.


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