The origins of the so called new world order – a comprehensive lecture by G. Edward Griffin

Our PM Ardern has been mentioning the new world order lately. So have other national leaders throughout the decades since George Bush first did so publicly after the Gulf War. They just drop those words in here and there calling it by other similar names, enough to get you used to the usage. Since that war things have declined considerably so their plan clearly isn’t working, or more to the point was never meant to & they are all smoke and mirrors.

Here then is an excellent exposé of what’s really going on, a must watch if you are at all interested in the larger scheme of things when it comes to figuring out what has been happening to the world we once knew. It has changed by increments, so much that many are dismayed & cannot understand why. This lecture goes right back to the roots. To Cecil Rhodes who made no secret of his desire for the English to rule the world, something he believed would benefit the world. That is all well documented in his own writings. Not well advertised today of course. And so we see much of his modus operandi in the colonial (and ongoing) rape & pillage of many nations. Returning to the present day however, as G. Edward Griffin describes, the plan (as outlined in the writings of Carroll Quiqley who had access to the plans) has been perpetuated through the Rhodes Scholarships. It was funded by Rhodes. Bill Clinton was a Rhodes scholar. The society of insiders remained nameless Griffin explains. That way nobody can discuss them. And in our current era their plans (which can now be seen in plain sight) are coming to fruition. They have been carefully dismantling the sovereignty of the nations via their financial trickery to the degree we are all indebted to them. The borrower becomes servant to the lender. There is much more … do listen & learn of the plan. More dots to join.

See our Agenda 21/30 & our New World Order pages on this topic (main menu). All interrelated. And go to ‘categories’ at the left of the News page for other articles on topic. Also read & access the info & links below the video. Lastly, check out Griffin’s other videos on Youtube. He is a mine of information, info you won’t read in lamestream media I’m afraid.

Published on Jun 11, 2011

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5 thoughts on “The origins of the so called new world order – a comprehensive lecture by G. Edward Griffin”

  1. This is indeed an excellent exposé of what’s really going on, how things are run, and why they are so comfortable with their lies. But I wonder if he would still make the same comparison with socialist/communist leaders today citing Chavez as if they were as bad. A brilliant lecture but that bit niggles given so little socialist opposition has survived the nasty underhanded methods of these super rich, and those socialist countries seem to have at least some interest in social justice and world peace.

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    1. Thanks for commenting Kay. Have you seen our Agenda 21/30 in NZ page, there’s an ebook by Naomi Jacobs there on Fabian Socialism. TBH it’s a while since I heard this lecture right through, so will finish watching (watched half before posting) & come back for comment 🙂


      1. I’ll check out your Agenda 21/30 page again and the ebook – I’m sure it will be worth a read if you’re recommending it Pam. I have found the discussions around communism hard to follow when you hear one thing and another. Brought up in a working class, very pro Labour family and dad in the London communist party pre WW2 then me at school in the 60s and 70s in Chch, communism seemed to be a good thing. Nowadays I’m less sure about anything!!


        1. I get that absolutely Kay. Sounds like we’re the same era actually. I’ve just watched more of Ed Griffin in last day or two. In his other vids he speaks a lot more on communism, collectivism & so on. Take a look. Many titles to choose from and all very informative. May post some more over the weekend. Also get how Labour used to be but today in reality all parties give us the illusion of democracy which is becoming more obvious now. He does talk about that too (Griffin). I believe this crowd (the Rhodesians as he calls them, have assumed an appearance of the communism you speak of but their logo is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. As Griffin says, they are planning world domination/control but not telling us exactly … the global cooperation model that is really global domination & by their long arm/s the corporations.)


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