troubling, unresolved concerns about September 11, 2001


With another painful anniversary of the September 11 attacks, we, as a nation, are still burdened with troubling and thus far unanswered questions.

We provide links to 2 videos on YouTube that address some troubling questions about 9/11.

In this first video of 59 minutes length, the money trail is looked at, or really we should write in the plural as in money trails.  For those pressed for time, you can skip to 44:44 for talk of the missing trillions of dollars in transactions at the Pentagon which Donald Rumsfeld publicly spoke about the day before the attacks (9/10/01).  The “plane” that hit the Pentagon the next day killed 34 of the accountants and budget management personnel that might have been able to shed some light on the culture of financial corruption at the Pentagon.  As well, many financial records were lost at the Pentagon that day (9/11/01) from the…

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