Hear a medical copywriter discuss the research on 1080 that you’re not hearing from mainstream

Following is a podcast of an excellent and informative interview by Australian Hunting with Michelle Read. She gives the simple facts & the research on 1080 that we are never told. If you’re still skeptical on the anti 1080 movement, this is a must listen.
Michelle is a medical copywriter, NZ born & raised in Australia.

  • Michelle Read discusses the terrible effects of Sodium Monofluoroacetate (1080) in New Zealand
  • What is 1080 poison and how its made
  • Where and how 1080 is dropped
  • What animals can suffer from 1080 and how it kills
  • What species are targeted by the NZ government and why
  • 1080 in the rivers, dams, and creeks of New Zealand
  • Why dogs are very susceptible to 1080
  • The lifespan of 1080 in animals that have been affected

There’s more, but we’ll let you discover it as you listen to this new episode of the Australian Hunting Podcast.

Listen to the interview with Michelle at the link below:


2 thoughts on “Hear a medical copywriter discuss the research on 1080 that you’re not hearing from mainstream”

  1. some one ask the question of GOVT, we are and pay to be a member of WHO, their rules are,,,The only NZ Drinking Water Standards ever signed off by the World Health Organisation was the first one prepared by our Health Ministry in 1984. SO WHY ARE WE PAYING TWICE,ONCE TO BE A WHO MEMBER AND ONCE TO HAVE AN EPA THAT SET POISON LIMITS IN OUR WATER GUIDLINES ??????

    Appropriately there was no allowable level for 1080 residue in our childrens drinking water.

    The U S. recognise the physical size difference of our societies most viunerable and have some lower “Maximum Allowable Values” for certain poisons for children. NZ Ministry of Health base all their figures on a 70kg adult.

    .lIn the early ninties, Min. of Health toxicoligist Natalia Foronda oversaw a “Provisional’ Maximum Allowable level for 1080 in Drinking Water of .05 parts per billion.

    But they got a bit scared ” of another 245T” and even stated “further drops would be irresposonsible” in a hard-to- read ( but well worth it) hand-written internal Health Ministry memo (photo 1) after seven kids from the Featherston district came down with suspected mitochondrial disorders ( a Krebs cycle condition that normally affects one in 3 million) they hastiy adopted a reduced 3.5 parts per billion “Provisional” Maximum Allowable Value (M.A.V) in 1995.

    Landcare Scientist, Charles Eason had offered to to provide ” publically defendable data to demonstrate the safety of 1080 in water ” to Nick Hancox and other Akld/ Whangarei Cons. Dept. staff PRIOR to the 1990 Rangitoto Island 1080 aerial poisoning taking place. (” The Poisoning of New Zealand” Meriel Watts. )

    Eason’s in 1998 conducted 1080 teratogenic experiments on rats where birth defects were ” pjysically obsetved at .35 parts ber billion.

    On that basis alone Eason set a No Obvious Effects Level ( NOEL) for rats at .33. (N.B – only observable physical birth deformities were used as this baseline)

    The MAV for people ‘s Drimking Water was then extrapolated back ftom this figure just 0.02 back from where newly born animals bent limbs were able to be VISUALLY observed !

    Eason was so scared by the Frankenstein he now realised he had let out of the bottle a quarter century earllier ( if you will forgive me mixing my metaphors) that he did not even want to provide an affadavit to E.R.M.A’ s corrupt review” of 1080’s re-registration ! ( W. Benfield” The Third Wave”)

    But back to 2018. 23 years later that MAV for 1080 in Drinking Wster is still “Provisional”, just like West Coast Medical Officer of Health, Cheryl Brunton’s dodgy ” Provisional” report into the two picnicing sisters poisoned by 1080 toxic dust at Karamea three years ago.

    Why “Provisional”? Because that single word “Provisional” is their “get out of gaol and keep my superannuation” card when it finally is established there whole 1080 public health procedures are shonky.

    The W.H.O. Drinking Water Guidelines (2016 Vol. 4) have allowable levels in drinking water for really poiisonous shite like 245D and even Paraquat, there is no allowable level for 1080 residue in watet at all. Full stop. Period.

    Just like New Zealand Drinking Water guidelines used to be from 1984 to 1995 !

    Why you may well ask ? The W.H.O actually do go on to unequivocally enlighten us why.

    ” It is inappropriate to allow any level of a pesticide toxic agent in human’s drinking water”

    So where then is the Health Ministry’s peer review of its 2016 Drinking Water Guideline,


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