Two of NZ’s iconic brown trout fisheries are being deluged with 1080 pellets just weeks before fly fishing season begins

Remember this people …. 

“… in 2017, the New Zealand Government changed legislation, and that legislation now permits poison bait to be aerially spread across land and directly into water, without the requirement for a resource consent certificate – effectively excluding the aerial distribution of poison bait, from the protection of the Resource Management Act.  (


From Carol Sawyer
5th September 2018

Prefeed is to be dropped on 6 Sept. T. Croft Ltd’s trucks (Greymouth), presumably with prefeed aboard, and Mt Hutt Helicopters Ltd. (Methven) trucks, with hoppers and loaders aboard, were photographed leaving Cromwell and heading towards Queenstown earlier this afternoon.

Two iconic brown trout fisheries, the Oreti and the Mataura Rivers, will have their headwaters deluged with 1080 poison baits, just weeks before opening of the fly-fishing season. Approximately 100 tonnes of 1080 poison baits will be dropped from the sky.

As well as this Mossburn, on the edge of the drop zone, advertises itself as the deer capital of New Zealand, as it was involved with live deer recovery from the wild and the establishment in 1972 of the first deer farm.

MOSSBURN IS PART OF THE NATIONWIDE ANTI-1080 PROTEST, SEPTEMBER 8th! Outside the Stag, 11.00am – 2.00 pm

NO small town has more justification for protesting on September 8th than Mossburn, in Northern Southland !


Photos :

Map of drop zone

Fishing on the Mataura River – Photos Carol Sawyer

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7 thoughts on “Two of NZ’s iconic brown trout fisheries are being deluged with 1080 pellets just weeks before fly fishing season begins”

    1. Anonymous is a very angry person….maybe works for DoC….who are themselves terrorists…. who are bombing the NZ forests and water supplies with 1080 poison……the anti 1080 folks are peaceful protesters and protectors of the land and wildlife….while the NZ government continues a war on their own people and wildlife…..with the above comment Anonymous….you obviously don’t have the ‘cojones’ to put your name….

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