simian virus 40, polio vaccines, and cancer


simian virus 40, polio vaccines, and cancer

I take no pleasure in these essays that expose the poor judgment and even recklessness of the US medical establishment.  But, facts are facts, albeit unpleasant in many instances.

(Update: Summer, 2014.  We have recently heard that the introduction of anti-biotics in the early 1940s also seems to have played a role in the increase of polio during the 1940s in the US.  Anti-biotics kill the beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract and this allows the polio virus to enter the body through the intestines.  The beneficial bacteria would normally destroy the virus.  This seems plausible.)

This past weekend, we heard of reports that the CDC recently had for a very short time on its website a news item that as many as 98 million Americans vaccinated for polio had been exposed to SV-40 (simian virus 40).  Apparently, the CDC took this unpleasant…

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