Shell wants dividend tax abolished, Dutch government obeys

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This Australian Broadcasting Corporation video says about itself:

International tax avoidance: the double IrishDutch sandwich

4 September 2016

How do Apple and Google avoid paying billions in tax? Here’s a brief explainer (using sandwiches).

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Translated from Dutch NOS TV today:

The Dutch House of Representatives wants clarification from the government about an article by Internet site Follow the Money about the dividend tax. According to the journalistic platform, the investigation that formed the basis for abolishing the dividend tax was paid by Shell.

Prime Minister Rutte spoke in April in the House about a ‘party document’ of [his] VVD [political party], in which the abolition was advocated.

Neither the VVD nor the three other parties in the new Dutch government nor any other party mentioned abolishing the dividend tax in the 2017 election campaign. Still, the new government decided it. It costs…

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