The dubious justification for an imminent 1080 drop at Timaru Creek in Central Otago

“There never was, never is and never can be valid justification for mass slaughter with a universal super toxin. It is chemical warfare. It is ecocide. there is NO justification!” …   (Tom Look Stop 1080 Now FB page)


From Carol Sawyer

After receiving an apology from OSPRI Operations Extension apparatchik, Jennifer Lawn, for saying they had found a Tb-infected ferret in the Timaru Creek 1080 drop zone in 2015-16 when in fact they HADN’T, and with that little creature being part of the justification for the aerial 1080 drop to kill possums, despite no possum monitoring having been done…. ( yes John Cleese would have had fun with this little lot ! )…Alan Galletly has sent Ms Lawn another letter. Because we will probably have to wait the standard 21 working days to receive this obviously terribly overworked poisoner’s reply, I am posting it up here now, along with the apology about the ferret.

As you can see from their printed material the justification for the 1080 drop is ” Tb ferrets ( note plural ) and pigs have recently been detected on the south eastern side”. ‘Recently’ means over two years ago, no Tb infected ferrets have been found in the drop zone, and the pig story is dubious ( see Alan’s letter ). The population of the target animal, the possum, has not been ascertained by OSPRI, who say they only have funds for post-drop monitoring, not pre-drop monitoring.

Sent: Friday, 13 April 2018 1:20 p.m.

Dear Alan,

We need to correct some of the information supplied in response to your previous request.

The infected ferret was found 5km to the south of the planned aerial operation. We apologise for this error.

The correct information was used in the planning of this aerial operation. Your further requests for information have been received and we will respond as soon as possible within the required timeframes.

Yours sincerely,

Jennifer ( Lawn )

Sent: Wednesday, 18 April 2018 11:51 a.m.

Dear Jennifer

Thank you for the update regarding the infected ferret.

You state that the correct information was used for planning of this aerial operation yet your printed material available to the public clearly states a TB infected ferret was taken from Timaru Creek.

This was also stated by OSPRI staff at the Hawea Information afternoon.

Clearly this leaves the question , What is the correct scientific information OSPRI have planned this aerial operation on? Is it based solely on the assumption the feral pigs were living in Timaru Creek ?

The assumption these pigs were infected by possum carcases solely from Timaru Creek? The assumption that there is a large population of TB infected possums in Timaru Creek?

All these assumptions aren’t enough evidence to plan an aerial poison drop on surely without solid scientific evidence to back them?

Could you please confirm the infected pigs actually came from the planned drop zone.

It has come to my attention that these pigs were shot in the vicinity of Stodys Hut which I believe is on the edge of the drop zone.

As this hut is near the ridge line there is no certainty that the pigs were in fact living in the Timaru Creek catchment but may have crossed the ridge line from Lake Hawea Station country.

The timing of when these pigs were shot also suggests this as at that time of year feral pigs prefer warmer , dryer country.

It would be unlikely for them to frequent the shady side or lower country in this catchment at this time of year.

It is clear OSPRI is assuming these feral pigs were living in Timaru Creek when in fact they may not have been correct.


Alan Galletly

Photos :

1 ) Photo DoC- Breast Hill track, overlooking Lake Hawea and Hawea township, above Timaru Creek area. (Header image)

2 ) From OSPRI information leaflet on Timaru Creek aerial 1080 poison drop


3) Map of drop zone



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  1. If thats the case why arn’t Hawea and dingle burn station’s doing a TB test?? Hunted up through dingle burn station before on Doc balot, seen two stag that was it!!! 1080 was drop through the area a yr or to back ,same up the hunter river(same area ), the bush was quiet not abird to be heard , so upseting really is !! GET RIDD OF THIS POISON- WANT TO KNOW ?? read this book!The quiet bush!

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  2. A question that goes deeper about 1080 and many topics toxic to our area and the rural/agricultural heritage and way of life in and around Hawea is: how can we as residents truly require proper due process which includes requests for resident participation and true consultation, rather than being informed of these types of decisions (perhaps)? And if there is a significant resident pushback on any topic, how is it the requirements of the men and women living here are utterly ignored, or at best offered benign rhetoric, as the governing bodies implement what they deem is best practice? When has NZ shifted from Democracy to Dictatorship? I missed the memo on the change of governmental structure but sure do seem to be living the consequences. This applies to 1080 and many more topics.

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    1. Yes very good point Jennifer. I believe the shift happened initially at Rogernomics (late 80s) & more particularly early this century with the LG Act. With our country & our former govt depts now corporations their allegiance is to the latter & not we the people. Happening world wide, all tied in with the so called ‘sustainable development ‘ plan and UN Agenda 21 now Agenda 2030. This is where we are headed. The ultimate official plan. I could go on. Thanks for responding to this 🙂


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