The overpopulation myth & where it started

I’ve written on this topic before. Finally found a site that sums it all up quite nicely. My usual reference regarding the food supply & how we’re told there isn’t enough is Susan George’s book, How the Other Half Dies. (It’s a free download on our Resources page).  Basically agribiz is the problem (& lies) not large families. William Engdahl speaks about agribiz and where it came from in his video here. And the story on land is expanded by Kevin Cahill in his book Who Owns the World: The Hidden Facts Behind Landownership. There really is ample land for everybody to live on.  The greedy few would just like it for themselves. That’s the only problem. (You can find Cahill’s lectures on Youtube, they haven’t removed those yet).

Learn the history behind the overpopulation myth at this link:

2 thoughts on “The overpopulation myth & where it started”

  1. Researching years ago in college I found a quote from John Maynard Keynes in which he stated that in the future not only would the quantity of the population have to be controlled but also its quality.

    Notice how population control advocates never lead by example.

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    1. Now that’s telling again isn’t it? And yes I have noticed they don’t lead by example in fact the likes of the Royals recently (the UK ones) tell us specifically which ones need to go lol! Funny that.


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