Archaeologist Debunking Myth That Most People Died Young Prior to Modern Medicine

What we’ve been hearing of course is that vaccines turned things around and if you still believe this a must read is the recent post on the true history of medicine and vaccines and how natural medicine was muscled off the scene by big monetary interests dare I mention that familiar name Rockefeller. There are others. Read that article here, there are two more to come.


An Australian archaeologist may have debunked the myth that people in the Middle Ages did not live much past 40, by studying their teeth.

Christine Cave, a scholar at the Australian National University (ANU), developed a new method for determining how old people were when they died, based on how worn their teeth were.

And her research suggests many more people lived to a ripe old age in medieval times than previously thought.

Over a five-year period, Ms Cave examined the teeth of more than 300 people buried in Anglo Saxon English cemeteries between 475 and 625 AD.

She determined several were older than 75 when they died.

“Teeth are wonderful things. They can tell us so much about a person, they are simply marvellous,” she said.

“People sometimes think that in those days if you lived to 40 that was about as good as it got. But that’s not true.

“For people living traditional lives, without modern medicine or markets, the most common age of death is about 70.”


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  1. As a genealogist I am positive that this is correct, in fact most of my ancestors lived well into their 80s and mid 90s, in the 1700′. The average age was around 86 years old at their passing. My own maternal great-grandmother died at 104, documented. My paternal grandmother just passed at 96, and my studies show that had she been in a warmer climate, she would still be alive. Genealogy is an amazing circle of life learning about life. This site is awesome, I’ve followed the amazing links youve posted, great information and much appreciated! I’m an intensely curious soul and because of my years as a genealogist, I have spent hours reading your site and Ahuwah Zeus. Many of the family names are familiar, so its added alot to the big picture in multiple ways. Thank-you


    1. Hi James. Thank you so much for the feedback. Your comments are valued. I’m glad you’ve found the info to be of use, and that is very interesting about your family and their ages. Genealogy is something I’m exploring but at this stage only minimally with other commitments taking precedence. Can you recommend the best site for research? In your opinion?


  2. Hi Pam
    Yes, I can help you how. Do you want me to use an email, rather than go into detail here in the comment section?


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