Children of NZ parents who had declined the HPV vax were taken aside at school, told their parents didn’t love them and coerced for their consent

For obvious reasons, neither the child nor the school are named regarding this incident.  It is a warning bell to be vigilant and certainly confirms other things I’ve been hearing regarding the coercion employed against those who choose not to vaccinate. It is a parental right not to. I have personally heard of people visiting and knocking more than one time at the door of non vaccinating parents, asking to vaccinate their newborn. It is a similar scenario with the flu vax. Elderly people tell me they are phoned up by their medical practice and told, ‘you haven’t had your flu jab’. Not given all the info and insert on risks involved, and asked ‘do you want one?’ That is coercion in my opinion and if you think that is extreme read this article to learn why you should be asking questions. I also know of another mother who asked many questions around the testing of a certain vaccine who ended up leaving the responding nurse with raised eyebrows. We recently posted an article that featured a NZ whistle blower who worked in a nursing home for the elderly, alerting to the deaths following vaccines, some vaccinated without family consent. You can read about that here. Vaccination is not compulsory and a parent’s and individual’s right of choice needs to be respected and heeded. Dealing to children in the way described here is absolutely not on.

Schools: the new “Animal Farm”

By Hilary Butler – Sunday, June 11, 2017

“…all the children who had returned “no” consent forms, were gathered in a separate group and the nurses berated the girls telling them that their parents didn’t love them, and that they could consent on their own, without their parent’s permission.”

In today’s Herald on Sunday was an article about Waitetuna school near Raglan, where the school principal agreed to allow a midwife to show a film about the other side of vaccines on the school premises, but the board of Trustees overturned her agreement, on the basis that the topic was controversial.

I have a question. What are schools for?

Education, or social engineering? George Orwell wrote a book called “Animal Farm” Have you read it?

If a parent from Waitetuna school objected to nurses and doctors coming into the school and vaccinating children, would the Board of Trustees agree and stop them coming in because vaccines are controversial?

I somehow doubt it.

But I want to tell you a story of a young child, in a school, who along with some other children, returned a consent form for the HPV vaccine, which said, “No, I do not consent”.

What happened next will illustrate that New Zealand schools are not safe for children, and why the Department of Health vaccination programmes should be barred from schools.

The forms were collected and all the children who had returned “no” consent forms, were gathered in a separate group and the nurses berated the girls telling them that their parents didn’t love them, and that they could consent on their own, without their parent’s permission. One of the girls caved to that, but then another child who had watched the life of an older sibling be trashed and lead to a quality of life less than desirable, fought back. She refused to sign it. The nurses pushed. But she got angry and told the nurse that she wanted to go now. The nurse refused.  The girl then told the vaccinating nurse that she wanted to call her parents and the police because what they were doing was wrong. Nothing like the experience of your own eyes, to firm up your own convictions!

At this point, she was quickly hustled out of the room in order not to freak out the other girls being pressured into going against their parent’s wishes.

How did all this situation come about?

The Department of Health, with school consent, seems to have started using the tactic of not telling the schools when they are coming to vaccinate. Their ostensible reason for this, is so that the children don’t get worried in advance.

What a load of bollocks.

The real reason is so that the parents of the non-vaccinators can’t keep their children home for that day, which allows the provaccine including the nurses, teachers and other pupils, to bully and berate children whose parents have chosen differently.

So while parents who don’t consent, would rather not send their children to school on that day, the Department of Health deliberately thwarts that option. This could be called revoking democratic decision making.

Of course in this mind-numbed unethical climate of bullying, emotional blackmail and … yes … controversy, such tactics are considered to be noble, wonderful and lifesaving.

I disagree.

Vaccinations ARE indeed a controversial topic of discussion.  I believe that if schools refuse to allow parents to watch a film at a school, describing another side of vaccination, then schools should ALSO refuse to allow the Department of Health to vaccinate children in schools.

The issue isn’t just “controversy”. It’s one of non-hypocrisy. What is “education”? How do you define learning? Only by hearing one side of a story?

Do you send your children to school, and allow the Department of Health to vaccinate your children in school because you can’t be bothered making the effort to follow through on your own convictions? Shouldn’t parents who chose to vaccinate, be responsible for doing that at their doctors?

Would you like schools to also become places where children can also be prescribed antibiotics, prescription drugs, or even, abortion on demand?

Or should schools SOLELY be places where people are educated and learn to think, in particular to figure out how to make their own decisions without being brainwashed by the school or the state?




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  1. This same thing happened to a girl I know, in fact it is exactly what happened to her, i will be keeping my daughter home on day of the of vaccine.


    1. I wonder would you or the family summarise what happened? Would be good to compile all incidences folk know of, maintaining anonymity if wished. Thing too is, seeing that they are showing up unannounced, important to educate our kids like the parents in this scenario did. She knew it wasn’t right, sadly the others didn’t or were too scared. Teacher child is a powerful relationship … as in for the teacher. Thanks for the feedback. Was that NZ also?


  2. This is happening all over the western world, the parents enmass need to go to the school principle and their local school boards and demand this madness stop. Most importantly the parents need to pool their money and hire a civil rights attorney immediately. Sue the school, the school board, the city, county and most importantly they need to sue by name every single teacher, nurse, principle, vice principle, school aide, every single by name school board member, every single county member, all these people need to be sued by name. Its long past time to stop this,
    money talks start suing! Make sure you hire a civil rights attorney, very very important

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  3. Good on that girl that stood up to that nurse! This whole thing stinks bigtime! Makes me so fkn angry if anyone tried pressuring me I’d get removed for physical assault. Parents keep informing your kids of their rights, and the dangers of these administered POISONS. you don’t have to keep ur kid home on the day to avoid confrontation (why should you?).

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    1. yes why should you Di? Couldn’t agree more. Just by small increments it’s getting very fascist as I keep repeating. But it is, this would be unheard of 30 years ago. Insane.


  4. I used to have coversations with my kids to train them how to protect themselves if someone was trying to get them into a car etc. And here we are having to protect our children from people who are supposed to be trusted… this is the equivalent of medical rape. It’s up there with sexual assualts perpetrated by ‘trusted authority’ such as priests etc. Royal Commission … into vaccines!


  5. WTF next? this is getting way out of hand. This isn’t just about the money, there’s something extremelly sinister going on here. What is it that they really want to get into the chidlren’s blood streams?

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  6. We think schools are a place to foster critical thinking ability in our children to support ALL the children’s love of learning, while instead they may be a place of incarcerating a bunch of hours each day cause of ownership of the slaves (=children) while we love our slaves and make sure they have the good things of school too. Idk what to say. I loved attending public school (while I was enrolled in public school), but there are sinister things patroning public education. And I do remember getting a vaccine (German measles) that was a surprise to me 1970 or 71 at school. I wish they had told me a day in advance. I don’t believe it is a righteous practice to not allow a child to prepare themselves mentally for penetration with sharp chemical squirting objects.

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