Local councils slammed for failing to supply information

This has just happened in the Horowhenua with their District Council. Info request denied regarding their Economic Development Board.  Quite a lot going on there at the moment, to read more go to investigative journalist Veronica Harrod’s page. Her articles are frequently on the Horowhenua District Ratepayers and Residents Association Inc page where you can keep up to speed with happenings & ongoing discussions Council wise in the Horowhenua.

From RadioNZ

The chief ombudsman says local democracy is being undermined as councils fail to meet obligations to release public information.

Peter Boshier said councils are not meeting their responsibilities under the Local Government Official Information and Meeting Act and that some councils seem to resent having to be held accountable.

“The performance of many councils is disappointing. Local government is absolutely fundamental to democracy, and in that respect the need for accountability and supply of information is just as strong as it is with central government, and yet many local councils don’t see it that way.



4 thoughts on “Local councils slammed for failing to supply information”

  1. Kcdc is as bad. Since Doherty came as CEO, orange papers were introduced. There are now dozens of them to keep info from the ratepayer public. The tail of elite staff are definately wagging the dogs – our elected representatives

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    1. Yes it’s happening everywhere Mary. Will be posting on Masterton, you may have seen it already. One of their councillors resigned because of similar, and bullying which Anne Hunt also reported for Horowhenua. Check our Govt Watch pages (badly need an update) & Rodney corruption.


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