TPPA: NZ’s Treaty obligations protected with an exemption? the PM has been ‘very badly advised’ says Prof Jane Kelsey

Video From Bryan Bruce’s TV Channel

Comment: PM Adern says: “The TPP has an exemption for NZ that says NZ is always able to legislate and act in order to preserve our obligations under the Treaty of Waitangi and that can’t be challenged by other nations”.

My personal understanding is that it is corporations not nations that will challenge anything and everything they want, and we are now all aware I’m sure of how corporations basically have nations by their short and curlies. Cold comfort really. When can we ever trust a corporation? Like never? Watch The Corporation movie & see, they tell bold faced lies and their only obligation is literally to their shareholders & nobody else. Consider this, why have all their negotiations for the TPPA been conducted in SECRET? Like all the corporate council meetings these days. They’re doing/talking stuff they don’t want you to know about. Not rocket science.  EnvirowatchRangitikei

A clip from yesterday’s filming of a crowd-funded documentary on Free Trade we are making in which Law Professor Jane Kelsey comments on a Facebook video by Prime Minister Ardern in which she assures New Zealanders that the Treaty Of Waitangi is protected from in the TPP-11 (CPTPP) Kelsey says ” the Prime Minister has been very badly advised” and Maori have much to be concerned about in this trade agreement.

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  1. It becomes apparent that MFAT is offering biased advice when you see that they put tariff reductions in the + column of their cost benefit analysis. It is far from certain that tariff reductions will result in any improvement in returns to NZ exporters, let alone returns equivalent to current tariff values. Though in some cases sales volumes may increase slightly.

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  2. Having experienced first hand the devastating effects of spending tax dollars to build Woolen Mills in China, to the detriment of our own Wool Industry. I have grave fears that Miss Ardern has no idea whatsoever what she is leading this country into. Does she actually understand that this country is a corporate? It is not the government (the People) that make the profit, it’s the new zealand corporate that makes the profits that go straight through to the IMF. Thank you Ardern for being so concerned about the poor People in good old New-Zealand.


    1. I think she does know Pete. IMO anyway. She is a globalist. Vinny Eastwood’s video illustrated that pre election (had it on the front page). She will be sugar coating it to sell it to us. The old ‘other party’ illusion of choice, two wings of the same bird.


      1. Yes, very interesting observation Pam. What bothers me is the fact that they (the government AND the corporate) have no respect for he people that pay their Tax and Dues to this bunch of crooks, and there is no equal return for those that pay their Tax and Dues. It is a one way street. You pay, or we come for you! Perhaps Occupy is an option?! Very difficult to say which way to go. Not for me, but that’s another story.


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