Florida Lawmakers Introduce HPV Vaccine MANDATE Bill

And of course they won’t help you if you have a reaction or suffer damage as many already have which is kept under the radar. The risk of getting cancer is smaller than the risk of vax damage with this toxic scam.

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Florida lawmakers are now pushing a totalitarian medical police state law that would deny a public education to children who aren’t injected with the extremely toxic and risky HPV vaccine.

SB 1551, also being deceptively called the “Women’s Cancer Prevention Act,” mandates HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccines in school-aged children, revoking medical choice rights from parents and invoking state-sponsored coercion to force children to be subjected to extremely risky medical interventions, even against the wishes of their parents.

The HPV vaccine has been know to cause some of the worst adverse side effects. According to Natural Newsa boy was paralyzed from the neck down after receiving a Gardasil HPV vaccination. Don’t forget the “horrendous adverse effects” caused by HPV vaccines in Ireland after an Irish vaccine push damaged countless young girls. Pay no attention to the fact that Japan withdrew…

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