Proof that Smart Meters Affect the Human Heart (aka Advanced Meters in NZ)

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch

This video concludes with an explanation from a MD … see in real time the effects from exposure to the frequencies emitted by a Smart Meter. Kiwis they are called here, Advanced Meters. Don’t be fooled by your Powerco’s call centre where you will be told they’re ‘no more dangerous than a mobile phone’ … if you are still in doubt the doco you must watch is ‘Take Back Your Power’ (viewable for pennies at the site of the same name). There you will see compelling evidence that will convince you to be rid of your Smart aka Advanced meter because it also exposes you to a raised cancer risk. Yet another area in which the general public have been lied to by industry. Then there’s the fire risk, and the escalated power bills. All denied of course however if you care to dig deeper you’ll find it’s all true…

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2 thoughts on “Proof that Smart Meters Affect the Human Heart (aka Advanced Meters in NZ)”

    1. What part of NZ are you Sharron? And do you realize you don’t have to have one? My neighbour had one removed recently & replaced with an analogue one. You just need to shop around. She used Nova I believe. Also if you visit stopsmartmeters NZ site they are helpful also. I’ve heard similar too re hiking bills. One went from $400 to $1K with a SM.


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