Thousands of bees are dying in Murchison. No-one knows why

This is so tragic. We’ve just seen bees dying in the Coromandel. Now Murchison. There have been many die offs of other creatures/insects/marine life for some time now. Small wonder with the state of our planet now. It is so highly polluted it is anybody’s guess what has caused each of them. EnvirowatchRangitikei


Hundreds of thousands of bees are dying in Murchison, near Nelson, and beekeepers are at a loss to save them.

Veteran beekeeper Ricki Leahy said he first noticed dead bees in front of his hives in the Mangles Valley last Friday.

Leahy, who is an ApiNZ board member, produces Tutaki Honey through his business Trees and Bees. He said the 40 hives used for queen rearing around his home had been affected, as well as another 186 hives located half a kilometre down the road.

Leahy estimated the number of dead bees to be in the hundreds of thousands.

Dead bees from eight hives in Mangles Valley Murchison Photo: Ricki Leahy

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“We had a look at them again this morning to see if we could rescue any and it is just hopeless, there are so many dead bees.”

The hives were fine when Leahy checked them on Thursday, but bees had continued to die since Friday.

“What bees are left are looking very unstable on their feet, they have got the jitters and there is actually nothing we can really do to help the situation. There is nothing we can do. ”

In his 40 years beekeeping, Leahy said he hadn’t experienced a loss of hives on such a scale and that the impact was “absolutely devastating”.


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  1. Looks like 1080 poisoning , has there been any DOC drops in the area by chopper ? 1080 kills everything that eats it and everything that eats what dies from eating it.
    Ian Moratti


        1. again, thanks … Have been aware of the effect of emfs on the bees. Will highlight this. And definitely geoengineering. Currently we have a poison program that’s ramping up even further & with change in govt all hopes on stopping that but in vain.


        2. Appreciate your response, Pam and thank you for consideration.

          Given what you shared, I’d like to introduce you to the liability action process designed to hold those responsible for global problems causing harm accountable/liable – operating in higher jurisdiction (above where legislators, attorneys, judges, courts, lawsuits operate) – in commerce, it uses their language of money to bind them into contract. It is lawful and done in full transparency.

          To understand how this works, please watch Episodes 1 & 2 through our website. The documentation is currently designed to stand up against “smart” meters, but it may be adapted to other problems and we are currently in process of customizing it for EMFs and other related problems associated with wild proliferation of wireless technology including 5G/IoT on the horizon.

          LINK to this information –

          Thank you again.


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